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May 24, 2017

Most Beautiful Small Museum in Kyoto

This is totally my personal point of view!

Haha but it’s good to put this “most~” “best~” title to fish.. sorry.
There will be other titles about most beautiful blablabla as series maybe.. ?

To be honest, I feel it’s also fun to discover our own best things by ourselves.
But it’s also nice to get some recommendations from someone who knows your taste or friend or friend of your friend.
Especially when we are traveling abroad far away from home.

However, I try to do my best to introduce this place.
I would love to recommend here if you have interest about Japanese life, craft, interior, building.

Museum Kyoto Japan

Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto JapanIt’s Kawai Kanjiro Memorial Museum in Kyoto city. (not Kawaii..)

Kawai Kanjiro was pottery artist originally but he also did sculpture, calligraphy, poetry and furniture, interior, product design.

I can say he was very talented craft man as designer and artist at that period.
I feel like there is a distance in between craft and design and art but he was interactional each of those.

I think he is best Japanese potter ever.

It’s impressive how he could keep creating with joy and challenging.
It looks like he had never gotten bored with it.

He and his family worked and lived in this house and studio everyday.
He created tons of potteries in this place.
And this house supported his massive creation as space.
He also designed this place.

It’s used as his memorial museum after his passed away(in 1966, he was 76 years old).
At there, you can see his works and many crafts he collected, interior furniture, garden, huge kiln, books.

Especially those chairs, he collected many chairs from Africa, South America maybe Europe, in Japan as well.
I remember that I met one Spanish family at the museum and they were so excited.
They said there is a chair made by their grand father but they couldn’t tell that in Japanese to the staff.

I translated their exciting random Spanish and English by Japanese and told that to staff there.
The staff brought a old book and show the family then there was a photo of their grand father in the book..
They looked so happy like explosion!

Sometimes I think stuff is just stuff but it has more value or can be important when it has a story or memory.
Especially there are so much story in crafts and it’s interesting to discover the background.
I feel that was more pure and honest at that period when Kanjiro was living.(It’s not like branding business.. haha)

Everything is beautiful with gently atmosphere in traditional Japanese style building like great harmony.
We still can feel his daily living life from this place.

There are some books about him selling at the reception.
I really like the title of the book from his word.

It’s “We do not work alone”.

I bought it for myself but I gave it to someone and bought new one for myself but gave it again to someone and bought it again then maybe I will give it to someone again one day haha..

Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan

I feel like I can describe forever about here.. maybe not here, about this great lovely person Kawai Kanjiro but I stop here.

Anyway, please come visit there and touch the feeling of him.
Then I would love to hear how you felt.

I like to know how we see the things in each different point of view.


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I almost forgot to say but it’s about 10 min. walk from our main building!

Thanks for reading.

Have a beautiful day~

Gojo staff