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July 29, 2017

你好!! …….by helper staff from Taiwan,Takashi

I am the helper staff from Taiwan.
My name is Takashi. In Japanese Kanji , it is written “貴”.

Have you all enjoyed the summer?

Here is what happened in Kyoto. The Gion Fesitval-祇園祭, one of the biggest festival in Japan.  
I am happy I had this chance to join this festival.

Gion Festival evening-Gojo Guest House Annex by Taka
Gion Festival evening-Gojo Guest House Annex by Taka


About me……

In order to experience different culture and language, also to recharge my battery during this year, I chose to visit Japan, and first stop is Kyoto.
Even if this would be my third time visiting Kyoto, I was super excited and meanwhile a bit worried, because this time I am here to stay for a whole year and to learn.

It is very different from to travel to some place to live there.
I prepared two giant luggage to cope with my new life in Kyoto.
I was very lucky to come to Gojo Guest House and become the helper staff of this hostel.

由於想要學習不同的文化與語言,利用一年的時間充電,因此選擇來到日本。帶著期待的心情但也有點擔憂,雖然來過京都兩次。但畢竟是要來日本生活與學習,很多地方是跟旅行有點不一樣。光是行李就準備兩大箱,非常的幸運來京都這間Gojo Guest House民宿 體驗不同文化工作。

It is a unique backpacker’s hostel. This guesthouse is a very traditional wooden Japanese building, but there is a café on the 1st floor.
This allows all the travelers from different countries can communicate with each other in this open space. Over the long table in the café , you can often see people talking and laughing as if it is a small meeting in UN.

At that moment, I wasn’t sure why this hostels always gives good vibes that attract people once you are here until I heard the story of Gojo Guesthouse and saw the old photos from the neighbors of hostel .
This hostel was traditional Ryotei Ryokan(the Japanese way of saying traditional accommodation + restaurant) , and now it transformed to a hostel & Café now.

Some efforts were made,such as  to add a long table in the café to shorten the distance between travelers, but also keep the Japanese traditional atmosphere in the hostel.
Not only the long table allows people to chill out, you can find a quiet spot you like, such as a small sofa space to read or write your travel notes or just go back to your tatami bed upstairs and relax the sore feet.
I guess it is why I would prefer to call Gojo Guesthouse,another home in Kyoto.

Gojo Guesthouse的感覺很特別,有著傳統的日式木造建築(町家),但是有西式的café廳。遠道而來的外國旅客可以在這邊盡情的交流,不時在長桌上就開起小型的聯合國交流,說不出為何可以那麼特別,後來無意間聽到看到以前gojo的照片與歷史,才恍然大悟,從傳統的日式旅館與餐廳,到現在的guest house 與咖啡廳,經過小小的改裝與巧思,長桌的出現讓來自不同國家的人齊聚一起,但還是保留了一些日式小區域,讓不同國家的旅客可以在這邊找到各自想要的空間。在這邊不僅僅可以體驗日式塌塌米房間,更可以在咖啡廳與各國的人交流或是找個安靜的地方沉澱,這大概就是Gojo Guesthouse的魅力-”家的感覺”。

It has been four months since I arrived Gojo Guesthouse. At the very beginning, I couldn’t understand neither Japanese nor English well, but now I can communicate with guests from other countries little by little. With the improvement of level of Japanese, I could learn more Japanese culture and to understand the difference.
Though there is a lot more to learn, but the staffs in the hostel are always very patient and supportive which help me a lot.

來到gojo也快4個月了,從剛開始英日文完全不流利,到現在慢慢也可以跟來自各國的朋友聊天交流,開始體會到使用不同的語言來打破文化的隔閡。隨著日文進步,也慢慢學習到更多的日本文化與特色。雖然還有許多需要學習的地方,但gojo的staff 們都非常有耐心與熱情,因此可以學習到更多的日本文化。

Below there are more photo to share with you. See you!!


Gion Festival by Gojo Guest House ,Taka

Gion Festival by Gojo Guest House ,Taka

Shishiji-Gojo Guest House Annex by Taka

Shishiji-Gojo Guest House Annex by Taka

Mitarashi festival - Gojo Guest House Annex by Taka

Mitarashi festival – Gojo Guest House Annex by Taka