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October 28, 2017

Autumn foliage in Kyoto-Higashiyama/Arashiyama Area


Every year during Autumn, Kyoto will be full of people.

How to avoid this situation and really enjoy Kyoto?!

tofukuji temple

There are many famous spot for these beautiful autumn scenery, but where can I go to avoid the crowds? This questions often bother travelers when they visit Kyoto and tried to look for a quiet spot to rest the feet.

Here we will introduce the spots that we like in Higashiyama Area (where Gojo is located) and also Arashiyama Area. 

NEAR Gojo Guest House/Annex

    Because it is near locate on the hill near Kyoto Station(of course also near Gojo Guest House),the leaves will turn red in early November. With a short hiking, you can enjoy the clam atmosphere in the temple. Especially, UnryuIn temple inside Sennyuji area would be open during the day and also put on illumination during the night. This area is very quite , and can be our first choice for autumn visit. 

   Koudaiji temple and Entokuin temple is about 15mins from Gojo Guest House and 10mins from Gojo Guest House Annex. We recommended to buy the set tickets includes these two temple and Sho museum.

There are illumination from 10/21 to 12/10. It would be a good choice to visit during the evening. 

   Shorenin temple which is about 20mins walk from Gojo Guest House Annex is the temple once owned by imperial family. So you will find similar architecture and quiet atmosphere inside this temple.

    Kenninji temple is right next to Gojo Guest House Annex. Though it is located inside Gion area, it is a very quite Zen temple and with beautiful Rock garden and Japanese garden. This place is also recommended to visit when the weather is not good in Kyoto. There are also free meditation course held on every second Sunday at 8am.(It is better to arrive at least 10min earlier so that you will have a seat.)

kenninji temple, autumn, kyoto

NEAR Arashiyama

Point: From Gojo Guest House or Gojo Annex,you can use take Keihan train to Tofukuji station (160yen)

and then transfer to JR train though Kyoto station to Saga-arashiyama Station (with your JR PASS for free)

    The garden inside Temryuji temple is very well collaborate with the mountain scenery behind Hozu river. Although there will be many other visitors, I still would like to recommend to you. 

tenryuji temple ,autumn , kyoto,gojoguesthouse

This temple is also in Arashiyama area, but need to talk about 15mins from the main area. There is a big lake next to the temple. And relatively quiet compare to the bamboo groove.

  • Arashiyama Park

    When we speak about Arashiyama, many people will think about visit Bamboo forest. But there are often too popular and crowded. If you detour a little bit from the main area, Arashiyama Park can be a good choice to view the Hozu river.

arashiyama park ,autumn,kyoto,gojoguesthouse

We also recommend you to take the Torokko train from Arashiyama station to Kameoka station. Along the way, you can enjoy the view of the cliffs. When you arrive Kameoka station, you can then transfer to JR Kameoka station. Or you can then take 1.5 hours boat-ride following the stream and enjoy the scenery along the river. It is a quite smooth river, and along the way, they will tell you the historical story about this area. When the weather is beautiful, the whole ride is very comfortable.

(When you are buying train tickets, it is recommended to reserve the taxi to arrive to the  harbor from Kameoka station. )


We hope this information can help you a bit when you are planning your trip.

Next, we will introduce other nice spot for autumn leaves in Sakyo area and outside Kyoto City.


Gojo Staff