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March 27, 2018

Time pass quick in Kyoto! … by helper staff from Hong Kong, Shiya

This is Shiya!
I am a helper-staff since last September.
Time pass too quick in Kyoto.
We see the leaves change from yellow to red, stcoked heat-tech from Uniqlo, we waited for the snow, and now we are preparing for the sakura blossoms.
I cannot believe that I am already here for half a year.
Kyoto is a typically Japanese beauty, traditional, silent and elegant.
There are always something to surprise you in a small alley, it could be a café, a small shop selling something or just an old houses.
Each time I find myself walk across half of the city center.
It is just so enjoyable to have a walk in Kyoto.
GOJO is a traditional Japanese house.
It was opened by a traveler who wants to share Japanese tatami experience with other backpackers love experiencing local culture.
So he started this 10 or some years ago, before tatami guesthouse is not common for backpackers’ budget. And when people gather in the living room, you know by their expression that they all love travels as much as you.
I am lucky enough to meet GOJO from the very beginning.
I slow down my pace, I now learn how to cook, and I think next is to make friend with a bicycle.
We are looking for new helper from the mid of April!
If you are interested in, please send your application to

Hello! 我是從上年九月開始在GOJO換宿的Shiya!
想來的人請直接把資料發去這個email呀: !