No news is Good News.
December 03, 2013

Hola from Gojo!

Hola!!!!! Como estas????
I’m learning Spanish so feel free to come visit Gojo Guest House and teach me Spanish.

It’s been almost 2weeks since we have restarted our blog and this is only the second article.
I guess we need to put more effort in writing these things, but it’s just so relaxing here in Gojo that I always forget even to go to the bathroom until the very last minute. (oops!)

Well, I hope everyone is doing well in this cold weather!!
You can always warm yourself up with a glass of beer or whiskey or any other kind of alcohol you can think of, although I would still prefer a glass of orange juice.

We had a little fiesta last night at Gojo Guest House:)
Our guests got a bottle of sake to share with everyone (and a very delicious cake!!!) since it was their last night in Kyoto.
How very sweet of them!!!! Muchos gracias!!!!!

We had a little group photo with our camera on self-timer……

…….but it was also on a continuous shooting mode! (oops)

We had a good laugh though 😀

It’s always so sad to say bye to the guests, but we hope all of you the very best and we will be waiting here in Kyoto for you to come visit us again!!!!
and I think now it’s time for me to go to el bano. (bathroom)
Hasta pronto!!!

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