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January 22, 2014

Porridge party.

I know it’s been more than 3weeks since the year 2014 has started, but….



We really hope the year 2014 will be a super duper wonderful year for the every one of you!

It’s been really really cold here in Kyoto, while it has been over 40degrees in Australia, where the lions are fed “blood popsicles” to beat the heat….wow.

And so lately we’ve been having a lot of guests from Australia:)
Seems like they are enjoying this cold weather and also the snow!!
I heard it never snows in Australia, and it was some of our guests’ first time to see the snow!!!!!
Can’t believe it since I come from the “snow town Chicago” (or you may call it the “windy city” like everyone else)
It was also my cat’s first time seeing the snow!!!!
I knowwwwww!!!! Isn’t she adorable??????
She’s the princess of the cat world, just to let you know.

Well,back to Gojo.
We had a little porridge party tonight, since one of our guests was not feeling so well:( (this idea was Kaji’s!!!)

brother Kaji making rice porridge with sweet potato!!

Moto-san and Kaji enjoying just looking at the well-made porridge

Mmmm…. looks goooood!!!!

Hungry me

Hungry Kaji

Kaji, Pia and Moto-san enjoying the porridge.
She’s feeling better now!!!(hopefully…)

Well, take care to all of you out there!!!
Don’t let this cold weather make you sick!!!!!