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January 24, 2014

Traditional “GOJO” way of celebrating the new year’s!

Oh what a nice day it is!!!! what a NICEEEEEEE day!!!!!!

So, I tried taking pictures to show you how nice it is in Kyoto.

Here you go.

You see, I will never learn to use this fancy Canon camera.
Everything just gets so blurry.
But you can still see what a gorgeous weather we are having today in Kyoto and that is all it matters!!!!

Well, bringing my memory of 24days ago…. let me tell you about our traditional way of celebrating the new year!!
First, we had a nice little get-together party at Gojo

yep!! seems like everyone’s enjoying!!!

and then we were off to a temple nearby to give this huge bell a ring!!!

whoooaaaaa…. big right??

Then we went to a shrine right next to the temple.
Mr. Kaji taught us the right way to pay a visit to a shrine.

Everyone was such good listeners.
They all bowed and clapped the right way!

Ready to ring the bell!!!!
….this was just for the photo!
We divided into small groups of 3-4 to actually ring the bell.

At Gojo Guest House, we do this every new year’s so please come stay with us for the year 2015!! which is like in 11 more months.