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February 22, 2014

Trip to Hiroshima

I’m sure all of you is now enjoying your summer vacation!!
yep. I meant in Australia.
Ohhhh, how I wish to go there!
or New Zealand
or the Philippines
or Okinawa. just anywhere warm.

Although no one is having there summer vacation in Japan yet, we, Gojo staffs had a short vacation and made a little visit to Hiroshima!!
I am sure many of you who have traveled in Japan have been to Hiroshima. Miyajima.
Where they have the ever -so-cute deers.

 Oh! There she is!
Yes, she is waiting for you to come visit her in Miyajima right after you come visit us in Gojo.
And yes, of course we went to the Itsukushima Shrine, famous for its FLOATING torii gate.
I bet some of you have no clue what I’m talking about, so you should definitely come visit Hiroshima to find out on your own!!!!!
…..or you can just look at this picture.
The torii gate looks like it’s floating when at high tide, but at low tide you can reach the torii by foot.
Hmmm I must say, this is a very nice photo!!
Although 3people have their eyes closed… and we are missing one guy….
 Lunch time!!!!
We had OKONOMIYAKI お好み焼.
Okonomiyaki is originally from Hiroshima. That’s what I heard from Hiroshima people.
But Osaka people say it’s from Osaka.
As for me, I really don’t care, because wherever it’s from it tastes good so you should try when you come to Japan.
And of course the A-bomb Dome.
And the Peace Memorial Park.
What a wonderful weather it was.
Some people say,
 “What’s the point of looking back at the past? It’s not like you can change it.”
But let me tell you the quote I like from Albert Einstein (did you know that he was not only a physicist but a violinist also??)
” The future is unknown, but somewhat predictable unknown.
To look to the future we must first look back upon the past.
That is where the seeds of the future were planted.”
So many things can be learned and realized from the past.
But just remember, “looking back” and “dwelling” on the past is NOT the same!