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April 05, 2014

Hanami with us!!!

It’s spring time! Best time to go out for picnic under Sakura Trees.
It’s so easy to list more than 20 best picnic spots in Kyoto, the most important thing is to relex and enjoy the wonderful afternoon hours with this over 1000 years old Japanese city.

We went to pick up some food and drinks at near by super market, and walk along Matubara street until we reached Kamo river and find a place with good view.

Today the weather is SUPER sunny, and warm! Time to drink Beer in the afternoon(laugh) with Sushi and Sakura Mochi (dessert that you can eat only during Sakura season)
Here is my personal favorite Sakura spots to share with you………..

2 mins walk from Gojo Guest House there is a Miyagawa Kaburenjo Theatre,where you might bump in to a Gesya occasionally. On my way home, I always walk through this Sakura tunnel!!
7 mins walk to Maruyama Park from Gojo Guest House Annex
Maruyama park is the oldest park of Kyoto, and each year, during it’s most beautiful times, it’s a good place to hang out with friends under Sakura Trees. Night life here never end until mid night (but the lights on the major Sitare Sakura will turn off after 9PM, and the photo was taken before the fully bloomed sakura…..)
How about a short trip on the train ?

25mins by Keihan Railway from KiyomitsuGojo station(station is 5mins walk from Gojo Guest House). It’s located in a southern city called Yawata-shi. Perfect for a half-day trip if you also want to go to Fushimi Inari to visit the famous thousand red gates!!

Along Yodogawa river, 1.4KM of Sakura tunnel is here waiting for you.
Pack your lunch box (with Sake) and your favorite books…….or take a nap like us to spend your Kyoto hours here!!
Save the best to the last, here I present you my favorite Sakura tree in Kyoto………it’s very difficult to find this one hidden inside the little streets, so come to Gojo and ask me if you are interested!!