No news is Good News.
April 29, 2014

I hate “good-byes” so “see you again”!

Moi!! (that’s a friendly way of saying “Hi” in Finnish!)
We are having a rainy day here in Kyoto.
I believe the sky is crying because Katarina (she was a helper at Gojo for one month) is going back to Finland tomorrow 🙁
All of us Gojo Staff will miss her very very much!!!!
So, we had a see-you-again-soon party last night (not a farewell party)

We each brought in food, drinks, desserts, etc….

With our new loooooong table, it’s very nice to have dinner like this!


Chitchatting with some food and drinks…
Talking about Denmark and Ecuador and the training of Bujinkan
img_6450 Relax and just chill out….
img_6453 And have some of the Finnish(?) cheese cake that Katarina and I made!!!!!
(mostly Kata, but at least I helped)

photo Cake cut by Kata-chan 🙂

img_6459 Last group photo taken by really nice random girl walking on Gojo Street. (thank you!)
Kata-chan has left to Osaka to catch her flight tomorrow morning.
Oh we will miss her so so much…. I already miss her so so much!!!!!!!!!!!
But I’m sure she will be back again next year!!!!!

Thank you Kata-chan for everything!!!!
It was really nice chitchatting with you and searching through Wikipedia whenever we didn’t know something and using Google translator when we both can’t come up with words in English.
Now, here is a Finnish word that Kata-chan taught me.

Hattivatti from Mumin
Have a great evening!!
Moimoi (that is Bye in Finnish)