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May 13, 2014

OHAGI girl

Here in Kyoto it is getting warmer and warmer each day.
We had a very nice beautiful weather today 🙂
I only needed a T-shirt to go out and even just with my T-shirt I got sweaty armpits. (I know I should be more ladylike)
But be aware… summer in Kyoto is unbelievably hot, humid and sticky. (not that I’m trying to make people not to come to Kyoto… just being honest)

At Gojo, if you are lucky enough, you could get free treats, such as OHAGI. (I know this story has nothing to do with what I was talking in the beginning)

OHAGI is a rice cake either covered with sweet red bean paste, sesame seeds or soybean flour.
There also is red bean filling in the inside.

and THIS girl will serve them to you……

She is one of our very very hard working cute helpers.
She is now in the process of learning English, so please feel free to come teach her some English or any other language.

Yukari is very good at making everyone smile and happy, just like her 🙂
See how happy everyone is??

Unfortunately we do not have free treats everyday…
We would love to give you free food and treats, but this happens occasionally.
So, if you are feeling lucky, come to Gojo and you might get a little bit of something……