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July 03, 2014

Gojo Guesthouse Pizza Party!

Hi everyone!
Last Saturday we had a lot of reasons to celebrate. One of our staff, Yukari was leaving so we wanted to have a farewell party. Also, we had 2 staff birthdays – Abe-chan and Nelly!

So we celebrated Gojo guesthouse style, which means a lot of delicious homemade food!! One big party for everyone, including our guests. Does it look like we had fun? 😉

We made homemade pizza and a surprise banana caramel cheesecake. There are not many pictures of the pizza, I think it was too delicious so everyone ate it quickly. The cake was really good too!

It was great to have everyone join us to celebrate!Thank you!
(left photo: Nelly, Stacy, Abe-chan)
(right photo: Kaji, Yukari, Anescha)