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July 11, 2014

The Drawing/Painting Game

Hello everyone. I hope you are doing great in this rainy season.
I also hope that those of you who are in Japan is safe!
Kyoto was also said to have heavy rain, but thankfully it has just been the same old Kyoto and it’s quite hard to believe that there was a big typhoon near by.
But then again, I did get SOAKED by the ever so lovely sudden downpour.

I know it’s very common to get lazy on a rainy day and you just don’t want to go outside.
So do what we did!
Paint! Draw! Chitchat! Have fun:)

We had some artistic guests stay with us recently.
Some of the guests and the staffs enjoyed playing a little art game.
It’s called “Let’s-pass-this-paper-around-and-make-a-one-super-great-art-piece!” (I just named it not, although I didn’t come up with this game)

One night, one of our staffs, Kaji, had a great idea of painting on one block of wood with everyone!!!
It was tons of fun I tell you!!!!!

It was just such a great time, passing around the paint brush, drawing random dots and lines and upside-down monkeys(haha), coloring it in, finger painting, etc.

And here is our master piece!

TA DAAA!!!!!!!!!

We want to thank our guest who has introduced us to this game, and Kaji for bringing all the stuff we need and everyone who has joined us to have good time!

So you see? This is what you should on a rainy day.
Although we had a perfectly fine weather that night.