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August 10, 2014

Pottery Festival 2014

Every year there is a pottery festival held on the 7th to 10th of August on Gojozaka, which is right in front of our hostel. A lot of ceramic artists gather from all over Japan to sell their art work.
You can get them cheaper than buying them at a normal shop. (I think)
Negotiating for a lower price is one of the fun things about this festival.(I think)

This year the festival started out pretty well, with nice weather and many people.

Our cafe got pretty busy too, which was fun, because we, Gojo staffs have such good teamwork!!! YEAH!!
The first day ended without any problems….

Then we celebrated one of our guests` birthday….

Then the second day ended….

Then the third day…. oh the third day…. which we did not have, because of the typhoon.
Which turned our every so lovely Kamo River into… I don`t know.
You can see for yourself in the next picture.

Although the festival got cancelled, we are very proud to have this GUY selling his potteries until the very very end. Alone. and let me tell you, he sold a lot.

This year it was sad to see the Pottery Festival end like this, since it was the first time ever to get cancelled.
But there is always the next time!!
So if you are planning to come to Kyoto next summer, be sure to check out the pottery festival and to have some tea at Gojo Cafe!!