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October 08, 2014

TOTAL lunar eclipse

I’m guessing all of you already know… that we are having the total lunar eclipse tonight!
…or we already had.
It’s not JUST lunar eclipse, it’s TOTAL lunar eclipse. That’s a huge difference right there (not that I’m an eclipse expert).
Thanks to one of our guests from Australia who had told us about this (because to be honest I had noooo idea that we were having this tonight).
We all stood outside, enjoyed watching the moon. How romantic right? Only if I had that special someone with me… (sigh)

Anyyyywaaayyyyys, first it was just 2 of us sitting outside staring up into the sky…

then there were 5….

then 8…
then I don’t know how many, because random people walking on the sidewalk and our neighbors joined in 🙂
It was a nice little relaxing time we had!

Hope you all enjoyed!
Stay warm, because it’s getting quite chilly at night!