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December 29, 2014

The end of Red and the beginning of white @Kyoto

Sorry for keep you waiting……….
We were so busy this autumn that we could only visit one or two temples……

The Zen gardens looks more colorful in Autumn too;but Kyoto are crowded with visitors too.

How to enjoy Kyoto without waiting in cues or saying excuse me all the time??

Now we are going to show you how we took these wonderful photos…….

Like them!

And then you all you need is to sit down and enjoy the scenery~~

At the right hand side of the garden, you usually will find a waterpond like this.

The purpose is not to wash hands……but to reflect the sun shine into the dark house.
This is the old wisdom when we don’t have the convenience of electricity hundreds years ago.

Look how it was surrounded by momiji (Japanese maple trees)





In Kyoto,
there are many beautiful gardens or temples surrounded by colors
during Autumn, this is why we also love Autumn Kyoto.
During this season, if you want to get away from the crowds,
come chat with us,
we will give you great suggestions
where you can enjoy the quietness and feel the Zen.

It is gonna snow during new years eve.
Then maybe we will show you more photos of White Kyoto?!
Everyone stay warm and best wishes from Gojo~
Happy New Year to everyone!


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