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May 04, 2018

[Important Announcement] Kyoto City Accommodation Tax

From October 1st, 2018,

Kyoto City will start to collect \200 per person per night accommodation tax on guests staying at hotels or other lodgings inside Kyoto City.

This is an extract from Kyoto City Office.


To all guests staying in accommodations in Kyoto City In Kyoto City, a new accommodation tax will be implemented starting October 1, 2018.

In order to increase the attractiveness of Kyoto City as an international tourism destination and to plan the further promotion of tourism, Kyoto City will impose a municipal accommodation tax on all guests staying within Kyoto City limits starting on October 1, 2018. The municipality plans to use the tax revenue to conduct a more balanced method of city planning to make Kyoto both a favorable place to live and to visit.

■ Target of Accommodation Tax

○ The tax will be levied on guests staying at accommodation facilities/residences which accept accommodation fee.

○ This tax will be imposed on those staying at any facilities accepting money for accommodation as stipulated in the Hotel and Ryokan Management Law. This includes hotels, ryokans, simple accommodations, as wells as residence rentals stipulated in the Private Lodging Business Law.

■ Tax Rates

Accommodation Fee Person Per Night

Tax Amount

Under 20,000 JPY 200 JPY

Over 20,000 JPY to 49,999 JPY 500 JPY

Over 50,000 JPY 1,000 JPY


The accommodation tax does not include in the accommodation fee shown on our website, so please pay when you arrive.

We are very sorry that taxes are subject to tax even for low-price accommodation like dormitory and apologize from the bottom of our heart that you will incur considerable inconvenience and burden.

We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.

March 27, 2018

Time pass quick in Kyoto! … by helper staff from Hong Kong, Shiya

This is Shiya!
I am a helper-staff since last September.
Time pass too quick in Kyoto.
We see the leaves change from yellow to red, stcoked heat-tech from Uniqlo, we waited for the snow, and now we are preparing for the sakura blossoms.
I cannot believe that I am already here for half a year.
Kyoto is a typically Japanese beauty, traditional, silent and elegant.
There are always something to surprise you in a small alley, it could be a café, a small shop selling something or just an old houses.
Each time I find myself walk across half of the city center.
It is just so enjoyable to have a walk in Kyoto.
GOJO is a traditional Japanese house.
It was opened by a traveler who wants to share Japanese tatami experience with other backpackers love experiencing local culture.
So he started this 10 or some years ago, before tatami guesthouse is not common for backpackers’ budget. And when people gather in the living room, you know by their expression that they all love travels as much as you.
I am lucky enough to meet GOJO from the very beginning.
I slow down my pace, I now learn how to cook, and I think next is to make friend with a bicycle.
We are looking for new helper from the mid of April!
If you are interested in, please send your application to

Hello! 我是從上年九月開始在GOJO換宿的Shiya!
想來的人請直接把資料發去這個email呀: !

December 05, 2017

Best places for Autumn foliage in Kyoto-Sakyoku

Sorry for the delay!I think winter is arriving soon,which means all the colorful leaves are falling soon.

Today we are going to introduce about  our private secret spots in Sakyoku Area and Higashiyama Anrea. These two areas are located in the east part of Kyoto. In our last blog, we introduced Higashiyama Area, which is the the Southen East of Kyoto. And SakyoKu is the northen east part of Kyoto.

Walk 5 mins from Gojo guest house to take Keihan train from Kiyomizu-Gojo Station up north and then you can easily access to Heizan train,which is the most convenient and fast way to reach this area.

Or take bus #5 on Kawaramachi street up north, in about 30 mins ,you will find yourself heading to residential area , and ginkgo trees turning yellow along the road.  This area is full of young students and schools. It is a very quite neighborhood.

Along Shirakawa street up north, there are a few temples that we would like to recommend to you.


Nanzenji temple:

Nanzenji temple is near the beginning of path of philosophy. It was found in 1291. The garden in Hojo is the represent of Japanese rock garden, also called karesansui(Zen garden) in early Edo period. You will see a huge gate,called Sanmon in Japanese, when you enter Nanzenji temple. It was built in 1628, and now it is listed as  important  cultural property. I recommend to clam up to the gate and have a view of Kyoto city. Another view point is the photos below, TenjuAn. In side TenjuAn, there is a zen garden and also a Chisen- kaiyushiki-teien(a stroke-style garden around a big pond) You can see a different garden style from stone garden. I can spend the whole day here. It is very nice to watch the sun light reflection in the lake, especially if you arrive in the afternoon.

nanzenji temple,kyoto

This is the studio of TenjuuAn

nanzenji temple, kyoto

The wall way to the first garden

nanzenji tehmple,kyoto

The studio view from the pound

nanzenji tempe ,kyotoThis is the studio of TenjuuAn



Eikando right next to Nanzenji temple, another popular spot to visit during autumn. It is the head temple of Jyodo shu. The small tip, is Eikando will also put on illumination in the evening. And the admission fee is¥400 cheaper in the evening. (I visited in the evening, and my poor camera could not show how beautiful it is. So maybe you can google it??!!


Enkoji temple:

This is the temple built by the famous general Tokugawa Ieyasu. If you plan to visit this temple, I recommend you check their homepage/facebook account frequently during October, and reserve early entry ( 7:30am~9am),limited entry up to 70 people, usually during mid November for about 7 days. It is really nice to wake up early and visit the garden quietly.

enkouji temple autumn kyoto,photo by gojo guest house

Ten Ox garden (direct translate from Japanese,forgive my poor English) Enkouji temple ,Kyoto


Syugakuin imperial villa:

This garden belong to imperial family,so you need to apply before visit. You can apply in the office inside imperial palace one day before your visit, or they also accept same day application. You can arrive at 11am, and sign up for the tour in the afternoon. (Click here for the guideline) The reason why I also recommend this place is because this is also limited numbers of visitors. After you sign up, you can walk around the neighborhood or visit the places that I recommend below!


Sekizanzen-in temple:

This place is also another option to be away from the crowds. This temple is located in the north-east of Kyoto. In Japan, people believe the direction of north-east is called Kimon(demon’s gate) So the important purpose of this temple is to protect Kyoto and  ward off evil spirits. Inside this temple,you can enjoy autumn foliage together with winter cherry blossom!!

winter cherry blossom in sekizanzenin

winter cherry blossom in sekizanzenin

 sekizanzenin,kyoto ,photo shot by Gojo Guest House

enter sekizanzenin I found no one here


Rengeji temple:

This temple is recommend by Kaji. He found this wonderful secret place very close to winter sekizanzenin. The garden of this temple is also famous. Check out these colorful photo shot by kaji via film camera!

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji


Ruri-kouin temple:

This is another wonderful place only open few weeks in spring and autumn to public. The only problem is the admission is 2000yen.

Reflection of the table inside Rurikoin

Reflection of the table inside Rurikoin

Walk into Rurikoin, photo shot by gojo guest house annex

Walk in to Rurikoin

Reflection of the table inside Rurikoin, photo shot by gojo guest house annex

Reflection of the table inside Rurikoin



Thank you for taking time reading! I hope you can enjoy a different colorful Kyoto!

See you next time.


Gojo Guest House Annex

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October 28, 2017

Autumn foliage in Kyoto-Higashiyama/Arashiyama Area


Every year during Autumn, Kyoto will be full of people.

How to avoid this situation and really enjoy Kyoto?!

tofukuji temple

There are many famous spot for these beautiful autumn scenery, but where can I go to avoid the crowds? This questions often bother travelers when they visit Kyoto and tried to look for a quiet spot to rest the feet.

Here we will introduce the spots that we like in Higashiyama Area (where Gojo is located) and also Arashiyama Area. 

NEAR Gojo Guest House/Annex

    Because it is near locate on the hill near Kyoto Station(of course also near Gojo Guest House),the leaves will turn red in early November. With a short hiking, you can enjoy the clam atmosphere in the temple. Especially, UnryuIn temple inside Sennyuji area would be open during the day and also put on illumination during the night. This area is very quite , and can be our first choice for autumn visit. 

   Koudaiji temple and Entokuin temple is about 15mins from Gojo Guest House and 10mins from Gojo Guest House Annex. We recommended to buy the set tickets includes these two temple and Sho museum.

There are illumination from 10/21 to 12/10. It would be a good choice to visit during the evening. 

   Shorenin temple which is about 20mins walk from Gojo Guest House Annex is the temple once owned by imperial family. So you will find similar architecture and quiet atmosphere inside this temple.

    Kenninji temple is right next to Gojo Guest House Annex. Though it is located inside Gion area, it is a very quite Zen temple and with beautiful Rock garden and Japanese garden. This place is also recommended to visit when the weather is not good in Kyoto. There are also free meditation course held on every second Sunday at 8am.(It is better to arrive at least 10min earlier so that you will have a seat.)

kenninji temple, autumn, kyoto

NEAR Arashiyama

Point: From Gojo Guest House or Gojo Annex,you can use take Keihan train to Tofukuji station (160yen)

and then transfer to JR train though Kyoto station to Saga-arashiyama Station (with your JR PASS for free)

    The garden inside Temryuji temple is very well collaborate with the mountain scenery behind Hozu river. Although there will be many other visitors, I still would like to recommend to you. 

tenryuji temple ,autumn , kyoto,gojoguesthouse

This temple is also in Arashiyama area, but need to talk about 15mins from the main area. There is a big lake next to the temple. And relatively quiet compare to the bamboo groove.

  • Arashiyama Park

    When we speak about Arashiyama, many people will think about visit Bamboo forest. But there are often too popular and crowded. If you detour a little bit from the main area, Arashiyama Park can be a good choice to view the Hozu river.

arashiyama park ,autumn,kyoto,gojoguesthouse

We also recommend you to take the Torokko train from Arashiyama station to Kameoka station. Along the way, you can enjoy the view of the cliffs. When you arrive Kameoka station, you can then transfer to JR Kameoka station. Or you can then take 1.5 hours boat-ride following the stream and enjoy the scenery along the river. It is a quite smooth river, and along the way, they will tell you the historical story about this area. When the weather is beautiful, the whole ride is very comfortable.

(When you are buying train tickets, it is recommended to reserve the taxi to arrive to the  harbor from Kameoka station. )


We hope this information can help you a bit when you are planning your trip.

Next, we will introduce other nice spot for autumn leaves in Sakyo area and outside Kyoto City.


Gojo Staff



September 12, 2017

14 Coffee Shops Recommendation in Kyoto

When I visit another country.
I always try to find a regular place for connecting myself to local.
A cafe or coffee shop could be the one.

However it’s bit awkward to say something about coffee..
Because now the coffee is big topics in our daily life.

If you need information quickly, please kindly skip this part.

I feel coffee have gotten more power in our society.
It moves people.
Now visiting nice coffee shop can be good reason for traveling.

Or Instagram? I feel there is a strong connection in between coffee and Instagram.
I always see a photo of handling cup of coffee in front of botanical when I open Instagram..

My friend told me Instagram improved people’s aesthetic and I agreed with it.
Taking nice photo is also can be good reason for traveling but I believe seeing real thing directly is more better than recorded picture.
That’s why we travel.

Okay I stop. Now I’m talking about coffee..
By the way, we also have Instagram account @gojoguesthouse_kyoto haha

Of course I have to mention about the taste.
There are many countries producing coffee beans and those beans have different character.
And the taste also change how they took care, how they roasted, how they made.
I feel we can discover about coffee forever.

Sometimes I cannot follow the conversation when my ballista friend is talking about coffee deeply.
I like coffee but standing instant coffee in the kitchen is also enough for me sometimes.

Maybe I’m enjoying to see their different style.
Those surrounding things around coffee shops like their interior or graphic design, appearance, performance.

There are many individual coffee shops in the world and they have each different character.
The people made it and I appreciate I can experience those things from their place.

This time, I asked to my colleague Keita san who had been working for some coffee shops before.
I used to ask recommendation from my colleagues in Gojo because they have each of favorite place.
So please feel free to ask for recommendation to us.

But for me, I’m not sure if you say “What is best thing in Kyoto?” or “What do I do in Kyoto?” because it’s your travel so I hope you think by yourself like at least what would you like to do or what would you like to see because it’s good opportunity to know yourself through those considering.
Then it will help us in the future when we think about what we are going to do in our life.

Okay then here is the main subject.

This article is from our conversation, thanks Keita san.
He is discovering coffee in Kyoto and always give me good recommendation for shops or movie or music too.
Those some photos took by Keita san too.

These thought are from our subjective so please don’t hit us if we say wrong and unexpected things for you..

First, we put 4 categories.

POUR OVER and ESPRESSO means the way brewing coffee beans by hand or machine.
PERSONAL and COMMON means good for visiting by one person or two more person.

kyoto coffee
By the way coffee is KO-HI- in Japanese. Please remember if you would like to order in Japanese haha.


・Ichikawaya Coffee (市川屋珈琲) *Cafe,Beans,Food and Drink

kyoto coffee 市川屋コーヒー
kyoto coffee
Elegant manners and performance by kindly owner in classic Japanese style renovated building. Excellent roasted beans has so much rich flavor. Food and Sandwiches are also tasty.

Info & Map:

・Dongree Coffee Stand Craft Market (ドングリー コーヒースタンドと暮らしの道具店) *Coffee shop,Product

kyoto coffee
kyoto coffee
Closest from our guesthouse. You can try 5 small cups of coffee beans from different roaster. You can try that only in here and it’s special. They also sell some products.

Info & Map:

・Coffee Nijoukoya (珈琲 二条小屋) *Coffee shop,Snack

kyoto coffee 二乗小屋内装
kyoto coffee
The technique he brews pour over looks like magic and taste deeply good. Koya means hut in Japanese so the place is small and lovely and cozy.You will be amazed.

Info &Map: Facebook:

・Factory Kafe Kousen (factory kafe 工船) *Coffee shop,Beans,Snack

kyoto coffee
The way they take care coffee is like craft man. They do Nel drip delicately.
The table manners is also unique. The place is like small hidden studio in old school.

Info & Map:

・Rokuyousha (六曜社 珈琲店) *Cafe,Snack

kyoto coffee
kyoto coffee
This place for any kind of people. It’s like they are always there and be there forever. Being here is so chill and cozy. Simple snacks are also nice. Recommend to sit in downstairs floor.

Info & Map:
Beacon Kyoto:

・Kamogawa Cafe (かもがわカフェ) *Cafe,Food and Drink

かもがわカフェ • Instagram写真と動画
They are one of most popular original individual cafe in Kyoto. Good for two more persons. They have nice foods and drinks for lunch or dinner. Feel lots of ideas by talented owner.

Info & Map:

・Tougenkyou (逃現郷) *Cafe,Food and Drink

kyoto coffee
They do Siphon coffee and it taste good. They are popular cafe for local people in the town. Especially their curry and rice. Coffee after curry is favorite style in Japanese so please try.

Info & Map: Facebook:

・Inoda Coffee (イノダコーヒ 三条支店) *Cafe,Food and Drink

kyoto coffee
kyoto coffee
It’s one of the branch of famous chain cafe in Kyoto. Especially this place has atmosphere as this is Kyoto classic. The staff and customer are gentleman and feel history in each of them.

Info & Map:


・% Arabica Kyoto Higashiyama (アラビカ 京都 東山) *Coffee shop,Beans

kyoto coffee
They are most popular coffee shop now here in Kyoto. Everything is high quality. The espresso machine is called slayer and it’s hard to find in Japan. Good for the people from all over the world.

Info & Map:

・Weekenders Coffee (ウイークエンダーズコーヒー 富小路) *Coffee shop,Beans

kyoto coffee
kyoto coffee
Here is their 2nd shop and it’s small beautiful Japanese tea house. Feel more Japanese aesthetic and their own style from their individual character. They roasted many kind of beans and those are so tasty and enjoyable.

Info & Map: Website:

・Wanderers Stand (Wanderers Stand) *Coffee shop,Snack

kyoto coffee
kyoto coffee
They opened recently and they have been popular. They bake simple square bread there. And they serve toasted bread with some toppings. Toasted bread and good coffee make your day.

Info & Map: Facebook:

・E-fish (エフィッシュ) *Cafe,Food and Drink

kyoto coffee
One of the most relaxing place as they located close by Kamo river. The view from the windows and their healthy and seasonable foods and drinks provide you good time. Good for vegetarian too.

Info & Map: Website:

・Ital Gabon (アイタルガボン) *Cafe,Food and Drink

kyoto coffee
Their espresso is so great somehow.And their panini is also so tasty. It’s like hidden place on small street. Maybe good for rainy day. For reading book or enojoy chatting with friend. Their pasta is also tasty.

Info & Map:

・Kiln (kiln) *Coffee shop,Restaurant

kyoto coffee
Located in down town area. Coffee and snacks are good. Sit close by small river and take rest for next discovering city. They have restaurant upstairs and it’s also popular.

Info & Map:

These place are where we had been to and we liked.
Hope you will get some nice coffee in these place.

There are so much more classic and new coffee shops in Kyoto and it’s inventing everyday.
I let it leave for next time.

Have a nice coffee and trip in Kyoto everyone.

Gojo staff

September 05, 2017

Looking for a new helper Staff / ヘルパースタッフさん募集

【We are looking for a new helper staff from middle of September】

Summer is almost over in Japan, so it is very comfortable to spend a day : )

Now, we are looking for a new helper staff from middle of September.
It’s preferable if you can speak Japanese just a little and like to meet new people from different countries.
Every helper staff seems to enjoy a lot by working for a few hours, then exploring Kyoto at the spare time, even to just be relaxing along the Kamo river : )
If you have any interests, please email us an easy resume with a photo.
Or please share to your friend who is interested to!
※A valid working holiday visa or a student visa is required during your stay.

夏も終わりに近づき、だいぶ過ごしやすくなりましたね : )

1日数時間働いた後、京都散策をしたり、鴨川でリラックスしたり、それぞれ好きな過ごし方で京都を満喫していただけると思います : )


August 07, 2017

Hanabi in Kansai Area 2017 花火大会関西地区*Quick share

Hello! Everyone!

Summer!! In Kyoto is HOT and HOT and HOT.

Hanabi in Kawakuchigo by Gojo Guest House,Emily

Hanabi in Kawakuchigo by Gojo Guest House,Emily

I hope everyone of you have enjoyed KYOTO GOJOZAKA POTTERY FESTIVAL held on Gojo Street in front of Gojo Guest House.
(Yes! the street right in front of Gojo cafe! No need bus transfer, no need to bike, just open the door, there you go!) For the Japanese pottery lovers who are not here yet, check out the homepage of this event to plan your Kyoto Trip NEXT year.

Okay, well, what I REALLY wanted to share is the information about Hanabi (Fireworks)in 2017 to all the friends to Gojo Guesthouse. As you know, summer is the time to bring a handfull of bear and sit down by the river or lake side and enjoy the firework show. Most people will wear 浴衣 Yukata (the simplest Kimono, the Japanese traditional dress in summer) and the wooden 下駄 Geta, and hold a 扇子 fan.

Hanabi in Kawakuchigo by Gojo Guest House,Emily

Hanabi in Kawakuchigo by Gojo Guest House,Emily

A guestfrom the hostel asking me about Hanabi information, I released that most of them are in Japanese. I would like to quickly share some of the selected Hanabi information with you with some useful link.

Shiga Prefecture
2017/8/8 19: 30-20: 30 2017 Lake Biwa Large Fireworks Festival
homepage of this event
Location:Shiga prefecture Otsu city / Shiga prefecture, the coast of near Hamaotsu train station.
google map of BiwalakeHanabi
This is 9min by JR from Kyoto station!!Super close.
Well, if you bike, it should take about 1 hour or more??!!

2017/8/9 20: 00 ~ The 66th Kameoka Peace Festival Hozukawa citizen fireworks festival
homepage of this event
(The fireworks originally take place on 8/7, but got postponed to 8/9 due to bad weather)
Location:Kameoka-shi, Kyoto Prefecture / Hozu bridge upstream right bank
Google map of Kameoka Hanabi

2017/8/19 19: 20 ~ 20: 20 The 69th Inagawa Fireworks Festival
Event information page
Location: Osaka Prefecture Ikeda City / Hyogo Prefecture Kawanishi City, Osaka Prefecture Ikeda City Inagawa River
Google map of Inagawa River Hanabi

Wakayama (near Kumanokodo)
207/8/11 20: 00 ~Nachikatsura Town fireworks display
information of this event
Location:Wakayama Prefecture Higashi Muro-gun Nachikatsura-cho / Nachiwa
google map of nachi hanabi

Actually, there are also a lot of other Hanabi event happening in Japan during summer.
I would suggest you to search from this website
Japan Hanabi Event calendar
And then simply use google webpage translation tool,
and look for the calendar or location to set up your travel plan!

*Note: Sometimes the event will be postponed due to bad weather condition,so make sure you double check again before you go.

Good Luck and have fun!
reported by Nari

Gojo Guesthouse ANNEX

Hanabi in Kawakuchigo by Gojo Guest House,Emily

Hanabi in Kawakuchigo by Gojo Guest House,Emily

July 29, 2017

你好!! …….by helper staff from Taiwan,Takashi

I am the helper staff from Taiwan.
My name is Takashi. In Japanese Kanji , it is written “貴”.

Have you all enjoyed the summer?

Here is what happened in Kyoto. The Gion Fesitval-祇園祭, one of the biggest festival in Japan.  
I am happy I had this chance to join this festival.

Gion Festival evening-Gojo Guest House Annex by Taka
Gion Festival evening-Gojo Guest House Annex by Taka


About me……

In order to experience different culture and language, also to recharge my battery during this year, I chose to visit Japan, and first stop is Kyoto.
Even if this would be my third time visiting Kyoto, I was super excited and meanwhile a bit worried, because this time I am here to stay for a whole year and to learn.

It is very different from to travel to some place to live there.
I prepared two giant luggage to cope with my new life in Kyoto.
I was very lucky to come to Gojo Guest House and become the helper staff of this hostel.

由於想要學習不同的文化與語言,利用一年的時間充電,因此選擇來到日本。帶著期待的心情但也有點擔憂,雖然來過京都兩次。但畢竟是要來日本生活與學習,很多地方是跟旅行有點不一樣。光是行李就準備兩大箱,非常的幸運來京都這間Gojo Guest House民宿 體驗不同文化工作。

It is a unique backpacker’s hostel. This guesthouse is a very traditional wooden Japanese building, but there is a café on the 1st floor.
This allows all the travelers from different countries can communicate with each other in this open space. Over the long table in the café , you can often see people talking and laughing as if it is a small meeting in UN.

At that moment, I wasn’t sure why this hostels always gives good vibes that attract people once you are here until I heard the story of Gojo Guesthouse and saw the old photos from the neighbors of hostel .
This hostel was traditional Ryotei Ryokan(the Japanese way of saying traditional accommodation + restaurant) , and now it transformed to a hostel & Café now.

Some efforts were made,such as  to add a long table in the café to shorten the distance between travelers, but also keep the Japanese traditional atmosphere in the hostel.
Not only the long table allows people to chill out, you can find a quiet spot you like, such as a small sofa space to read or write your travel notes or just go back to your tatami bed upstairs and relax the sore feet.
I guess it is why I would prefer to call Gojo Guesthouse,another home in Kyoto.

Gojo Guesthouse的感覺很特別,有著傳統的日式木造建築(町家),但是有西式的café廳。遠道而來的外國旅客可以在這邊盡情的交流,不時在長桌上就開起小型的聯合國交流,說不出為何可以那麼特別,後來無意間聽到看到以前gojo的照片與歷史,才恍然大悟,從傳統的日式旅館與餐廳,到現在的guest house 與咖啡廳,經過小小的改裝與巧思,長桌的出現讓來自不同國家的人齊聚一起,但還是保留了一些日式小區域,讓不同國家的旅客可以在這邊找到各自想要的空間。在這邊不僅僅可以體驗日式塌塌米房間,更可以在咖啡廳與各國的人交流或是找個安靜的地方沉澱,這大概就是Gojo Guesthouse的魅力-”家的感覺”。

It has been four months since I arrived Gojo Guesthouse. At the very beginning, I couldn’t understand neither Japanese nor English well, but now I can communicate with guests from other countries little by little. With the improvement of level of Japanese, I could learn more Japanese culture and to understand the difference.
Though there is a lot more to learn, but the staffs in the hostel are always very patient and supportive which help me a lot.

來到gojo也快4個月了,從剛開始英日文完全不流利,到現在慢慢也可以跟來自各國的朋友聊天交流,開始體會到使用不同的語言來打破文化的隔閡。隨著日文進步,也慢慢學習到更多的日本文化與特色。雖然還有許多需要學習的地方,但gojo的staff 們都非常有耐心與熱情,因此可以學習到更多的日本文化。

Below there are more photo to share with you. See you!!


Gion Festival by Gojo Guest House ,Taka

Gion Festival by Gojo Guest House ,Taka

Shishiji-Gojo Guest House Annex by Taka

Shishiji-Gojo Guest House Annex by Taka

Mitarashi festival - Gojo Guest House Annex by Taka

Mitarashi festival – Gojo Guest House Annex by Taka






May 30, 2017

Looking for a new helper Staff / ヘルパースタッフさん募集

【We are looking for a new helper staff from June】

Konnichiwa! : )
We have a lovely sunny day in Kyoto!
However I feel a little bit sad because our helper staff just left today : (

So! Now we are looking for a new helper staff from June.
It’s preferable if you can speak Japanese just a little and like to meet new people from different countries.

Every helper staff seems to enjoy a lot by working for a few hours, then exploring Kyoto at the spare time, even to just be relaxing along the Kamo river : )

If you have any interests, please email us an easy resume with a photo.
Or please share to your friend who is interested to!

※A valid working holiday visa or a student visa is required during your stay.







May 24, 2017

Most Beautiful Small Museum in Kyoto

This is totally my personal point of view!

Haha but it’s good to put this “most~” “best~” title to fish.. sorry.
There will be other titles about most beautiful blablabla as series maybe.. ?

To be honest, I feel it’s also fun to discover our own best things by ourselves.
But it’s also nice to get some recommendations from someone who knows your taste or friend or friend of your friend.
Especially when we are traveling abroad far away from home.

However, I try to do my best to introduce this place.
I would love to recommend here if you have interest about Japanese life, craft, interior, building.

Museum Kyoto Japan

Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto JapanIt’s Kawai Kanjiro Memorial Museum in Kyoto city. (not Kawaii..)

Kawai Kanjiro was pottery artist originally but he also did sculpture, calligraphy, poetry and furniture, interior, product design.

I can say he was very talented craft man as designer and artist at that period.
I feel like there is a distance in between craft and design and art but he was interactional each of those.

I think he is best Japanese potter ever.

It’s impressive how he could keep creating with joy and challenging.
It looks like he had never gotten bored with it.

He and his family worked and lived in this house and studio everyday.
He created tons of potteries in this place.
And this house supported his massive creation as space.
He also designed this place.

It’s used as his memorial museum after his passed away(in 1966, he was 76 years old).
At there, you can see his works and many crafts he collected, interior furniture, garden, huge kiln, books.

Especially those chairs, he collected many chairs from Africa, South America maybe Europe, in Japan as well.
I remember that I met one Spanish family at the museum and they were so excited.
They said there is a chair made by their grand father but they couldn’t tell that in Japanese to the staff.

I translated their exciting random Spanish and English by Japanese and told that to staff there.
The staff brought a old book and show the family then there was a photo of their grand father in the book..
They looked so happy like explosion!

Sometimes I think stuff is just stuff but it has more value or can be important when it has a story or memory.
Especially there are so much story in crafts and it’s interesting to discover the background.
I feel that was more pure and honest at that period when Kanjiro was living.(It’s not like branding business.. haha)

Everything is beautiful with gently atmosphere in traditional Japanese style building like great harmony.
We still can feel his daily living life from this place.

There are some books about him selling at the reception.
I really like the title of the book from his word.

It’s “We do not work alone”.

I bought it for myself but I gave it to someone and bought new one for myself but gave it again to someone and bought it again then maybe I will give it to someone again one day haha..

Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan

I feel like I can describe forever about here.. maybe not here, about this great lovely person Kawai Kanjiro but I stop here.

Anyway, please come visit there and touch the feeling of him.
Then I would love to hear how you felt.

I like to know how we see the things in each different point of view.


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I almost forgot to say but it’s about 10 min. walk from our main building!

Thanks for reading.

Have a beautiful day~

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