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February 21, 2017

Introduce myself.

Hi everyone,
How ya goin’?
How was your day?

miyani blog
I’m Takuma from Osaka, just call me Taku.
I am a new staff having worked in Gojo guesthouse since July last year.
I’ve just found a new house in Kyoto and recently I often go out in Kyoto.
So I would like to tell you my recommendations.


One is a bottle shop called Matsukawa sake ten
I like the old atmosphere and people and style of drinking in the bottle shop.

you drink with standing and need to find a tray and glass and take foods and drinks you want from a fridge

and put them on your tray and meet and talk with local people.

when you wanna check the bill, call the old lady and she will calculate for you with an old soroban(abacus)



Second one is a Betayaki restaurant called Masa.

Betayaki is one of traditional foods in Kyoto. Okonomiyaki and Hiroshimayaki is originally come from Betayaki. The restaurant is small and cosy and quite old.A guy run the restaurant. He has strong passion for Betayaki.
He wants you to eat betayaki in a traditional way and want you to know it.
So I eat betayaki with a kote(spatula) not chopstick.


Third one is just chilling out by the river called Kamogawa in the central.
For me, drinking and taking a nap by the river (or walking, cycling) are nice things to do.
If you go north along the river, you will see many nature scenery.
One day, I went to cycle to the north of the river with my friends, and was swimming

in the river and then we saw a huge natural monster called Oosansyouuo

(giannt salamander)which is one of Japanese natural monument.


Forth one is going to small towns and villages in low season.
I went to a peaceful village called Ohara in Kyoto .
I found a silent water fall and beautiful wooden temple with no paint.
And I took a nap next to a field around greens with nice view.
I had just chill time and peaceful time.
It is imortant to me.

Thank you for reading my first writing the blog.
When you see a staff who has Australian accent in Gojo, It’s me haha
Just come and see me.
See you later mate!!



January 28, 2017

Toka Ebisu Festival

The first major festival of the new year, Toka Ebisu, was held at Kyoto Ebisu Shrine over a five-day period from January 8th to the 12th.

The enshrined god, Ebisu, is one of the Seven Lucky gods and considered the god of fishermen and commerce, so the festival is based around Ebisu’s birthday on the 10th, hence the name Toka(“Tenth Day”) Ebisu.

All of our staff and a couple of guests went to this festival together.
Along the street, there were so many tempting food stalls!!!!
But we went to say hi to Ebisu god first.

15895138_1281487571890421_693459458777416672_nIn front of a small altar a shrine maiden performs sacred kagura dances to bless branches of leafy green bamboo(hukuzasa) for parishioners to receive and other maidens were quitebusy helping people select which lucky symboles they want to attach to the stalk.

We bought 2 green bamboos with some lucky symboles one for Main guest house and another for Annex.
After that, we drunk a round of hot sake at an outdoor stand which made us super warm and feel happy 🙂


There were so many local people in this festival and it was lively!
I felt how important this festival is to start new year.
So I’m sure it will be great year like every year!


January 07, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Happy new year!! it is already 2017 so in this situation I should write about newyear resolution but I want to looking back on 2016 because we had a big changes in last year.

In June and July 2 of our staff left at gojo guest house they had worked for about 3years with us. They have good characters and were loved by lots of guests and other staff. It was very very sad time and I feel lost. always feel so sad we have to say good bye to our staff. however it is time to new beginning and new meeting. 



And after that we have 2 new young staffs they are doing very well and seem to be enjoying working here. Already they understand our style and know what to do because of other staff they showed how do we do. This is how we have been here for 14yaears. We have changed our ways of doing so much, so we have been able to stay here without change.

In 2017 we will have lots of small changes we hope you will enjoy that. We are looking forward to seeing you at Gojo Guest House.



December 23, 2016

Looking for a new helper Staff / ヘルパースタッフさん募集

【 We are looking for a new helper staff 】

Now, we are looking for a new helper staff.
(We are looking for a staff who can stay here for 2~3 month!)
It is preferable if you can speak Japanese just a little and like to meet new people from different countries.

If you(or your friend) have any interest please email us an easy resume with a photo.
※We need working holiday visa for apply.

Best wishes for the New year!





November 27, 2016

Limited edition, autumn in kyoto


Between zen and visual impact

I was so exciting at the moment when I got on the train.

It was a raining day, but I was so happy it rained,which means there would be less people and I would be able to sit in the temple quietly and enjoy the peacefulness.

The goal is to visit Rurikoin, a temple that only open short term to public in spring and autumn.

Along Takano(gawa) River bank, running water competing with the colorful leaves, great Hiezan mountain in the background, RurikoIn is located in Yase area, a good picnic spot in summer time as well.

When we were at the entrance of RurikoIn temple, we first walked through stone stairs, then across a bridge, I stopped here because of the Koi  fish. They were swimming in the pound like there is nothing else in the world could bother him. Then I took off the shoes, and enter the building of RurikoIn. The astonishing view caught my breathe the moment I walked up to second floor.


The shining wooden floor is reflecting the great view outside of the window. It is like extending scenery. The artwork is completed. It is too much for me. Time stopped here.


I don’t remember how long I had been sitting here. I could hear only wind and rain drops. I felt peacefulness when I was writing a Buddhist scriptures. We were requested to write our wishes at the end, and then this script will be devoted to Buddha. I didn’t write anything down because I fell happiness and grateful already. There is nothing else to ask for.I walked down stair to see the garden more closely.Here the temple provide warm Japanese tea. You can sit down and relax.

I am not sure if you can see it from the first photo. There is a giant stone in the center of the garden. Ruri , the name of this temple origin from this glass shinning stone. When it rains, this stone shines brightly. Therefore, this temple is called RurikoIn, the shrining glass stone.
When I sat here, I heard the monk chanting, a melody of Zen. The combination of sand garden and moss. It’s been the best raining day.

Wish you can see this beautiful view and find the peacefulness in Kyoto.



How to go to RurikoIn

From Gojo Guest house, walk 3 mins to Keihan train Kiomizugojo station, take 10min train to Demachi-yanagi Station; and then get on Eizan Electric Railway(for Yase-Hieizanguchi) to Yase-Hieizanguchi Station. It takes 5 minutes on foot from the station.

November 19, 2016

We redesigned our website!

000001 It has been a while since we updated our blog last time!

Recently it’s getting busy for tourist in Kyoto because of Autumn red leaves season.

It’s beautiful.

Nothing changed in our place.

People always come and stay then leave.

Wish you have a good meeting here in Kyoto.


Gojo guest house

May 12, 2016






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February 03, 2016

Life in Kyoto as a Helper Staff

   My name is Martin and I have gotten the wonderful opportunity to work as a helper staff here at Gojo Guest House.
   Soon to be three weeks ago, I left my windy and small home town on the Swedish west coast and headed towards Japan. I quit my job, said goodbye to my family and at the moment I don’t have any idea when I’ll set foot on Swedish soil again. It’s absolutely terrifying at times, but for the most part it’s an incredible experience.
   This is my second time in Japan and at Gojo. During my first visit in Spring, I heard that they offered the opportunity to come here as helper staff and I pretty much made up my mind right at that moment that I’d be back in the fall if they would have me.
   The wonderful staff, the smiling locals, the amazing guests and of course the beautiful city, that is Kyoto, makes this one of the best locations to experience traditional Japan. With 17 Unesco World Heritage sites, more than 1600 Buddhist temples and over 400Shinto shrines, it feels very good to spend the majority of my 82days in Japan, in Kyoto.
   Kyoto has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for spectacular history, rowdy “izakaya”, wonderful craft beer or incredible vintage and handicraft markets. You will find it all here and so much more.
   So take the chance, come to Japan and Kyoto, and fall in love with the city and Gojo Guest House. Or if you are already here, come by and share your stories over an excellent cup of coffee.
   I really hope I will get the chance to meet you.
kyoto kyoto1

3-396-2, Gojobashi higashi, Higashiyama ku, Kyoto, Japan, 605-0846 Tel/Fax:075-525-2299(Domestic), 81-75-525-2299(Overseas)

November 09, 2015










December 29, 2014

The end of Red and the beginning of white @Kyoto

Sorry for keep you waiting……….
We were so busy this autumn that we could only visit one or two temples……

The Zen gardens looks more colorful in Autumn too;but Kyoto are crowded with visitors too.

How to enjoy Kyoto without waiting in cues or saying excuse me all the time??

Now we are going to show you how we took these wonderful photos…….

Like them!

And then you all you need is to sit down and enjoy the scenery~~

At the right hand side of the garden, you usually will find a waterpond like this.

The purpose is not to wash hands……but to reflect the sun shine into the dark house.
This is the old wisdom when we don’t have the convenience of electricity hundreds years ago.

Look how it was surrounded by momiji (Japanese maple trees)





In Kyoto,
there are many beautiful gardens or temples surrounded by colors
during Autumn, this is why we also love Autumn Kyoto.
During this season, if you want to get away from the crowds,
come chat with us,
we will give you great suggestions
where you can enjoy the quietness and feel the Zen.

It is gonna snow during new years eve.
Then maybe we will show you more photos of White Kyoto?!
Everyone stay warm and best wishes from Gojo~
Happy New Year to everyone!


3-396-2, Gojobashi higashi, Higashiyama ku, Kyoto, Japan, 605-0846 Tel/Fax:075-525-2299(Domestic), 81-75-525-2299(Overseas)