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September 12, 2017

14 Coffee Shops Recommendation in Kyoto

When I visit another country.
I always try to find a regular place for connecting myself to local.
A cafe or coffee shop could be the one.

However it’s bit awkward to say something about coffee..
Because now the coffee is big topics in our daily life.

If you need information quickly, please kindly skip this part.

I feel coffee have gotten more power in our society.
It moves people.
Now visiting nice coffee shop can be good reason for traveling.

Or Instagram? I feel there is a strong connection in between coffee and Instagram.
I always see a photo of handling cup of coffee in front of botanical when I open Instagram..

My friend told me Instagram improved people’s aesthetic and I agreed with it.
Taking nice photo is also can be good reason for traveling but I believe seeing real thing directly is more better than recorded picture.
That’s why we travel.

Okay I stop. Now I’m talking about coffee..
By the way, we also have Instagram account @gojoguesthouse_kyoto haha

Of course I have to mention about the taste.
There are many countries producing coffee beans and those beans have different character.
And the taste also change how they took care, how they roasted, how they made.
I feel we can discover about coffee forever.

Sometimes I cannot follow the conversation when my ballista friend is talking about coffee deeply.
I like coffee but standing instant coffee in the kitchen is also enough for me sometimes.

Maybe I’m enjoying to see their different style.
Those surrounding things around coffee shops like their interior or graphic design, appearance, performance.

There are many individual coffee shops in the world and they have each different character.
The people made it and I appreciate I can experience those things from their place.

This time, I asked to my colleague Keita san who had been working for some coffee shops before.
I used to ask recommendation from my colleagues in Gojo because they have each of favorite place.
So please feel free to ask for recommendation to us.

But for me, I’m not sure if you say “What is best thing in Kyoto?” or “What do I do in Kyoto?” because it’s your travel so I hope you think by yourself like at least what would you like to do or what would you like to see because it’s good opportunity to know yourself through those considering.
Then it will help us in the future when we think about what we are going to do in our life.

Okay then here is the main subject.

This article is from our conversation, thanks Keita san.
He is discovering coffee in Kyoto and always give me good recommendation for shops or movie or music too.
Those some photos took by Keita san too.

These thought are from our subjective so please don’t hit us if we say wrong and unexpected things for you..

First, we put 4 categories.

POUR OVER and ESPRESSO means the way brewing coffee beans by hand or machine.
PERSONAL and COMMON means good for visiting by one person or two more person.

kyoto coffee
By the way coffee is KO-HI- in Japanese. Please remember if you would like to order in Japanese haha.


・Ichikawaya Coffee (市川屋珈琲) *Cafe,Beans,Food and Drink

kyoto coffee 市川屋コーヒー
kyoto coffee
Elegant manners and performance by kindly owner in classic Japanese style renovated building. Excellent roasted beans has so much rich flavor. Food and Sandwiches are also tasty.

Info & Map:

・Dongree Coffee Stand Craft Market (ドングリー コーヒースタンドと暮らしの道具店) *Coffee shop,Product

kyoto coffee
kyoto coffee
Closest from our guesthouse. You can try 5 small cups of coffee beans from different roaster. You can try that only in here and it’s special. They also sell some products.

Info & Map:

・Coffee Nijoukoya (珈琲 二条小屋) *Coffee shop,Snack

kyoto coffee 二乗小屋内装
kyoto coffee
The technique he brews pour over looks like magic and taste deeply good. Koya means hut in Japanese so the place is small and lovely and cozy.You will be amazed.

Info &Map: Facebook:

・Factory Kafe Kousen (factory kafe 工船) *Coffee shop,Beans,Snack

kyoto coffee
The way they take care coffee is like craft man. They do Nel drip delicately.
The table manners is also unique. The place is like small hidden studio in old school.

Info & Map:

・Rokuyousha (六曜社 珈琲店) *Cafe,Snack

kyoto coffee
kyoto coffee
This place for any kind of people. It’s like they are always there and be there forever. Being here is so chill and cozy. Simple snacks are also nice. Recommend to sit in downstairs floor.

Info & Map:
Beacon Kyoto:

・Kamogawa Cafe (かもがわカフェ) *Cafe,Food and Drink

かもがわカフェ • Instagram写真と動画
They are one of most popular original individual cafe in Kyoto. Good for two more persons. They have nice foods and drinks for lunch or dinner. Feel lots of ideas by talented owner.

Info & Map:

・Tougenkyou (逃現郷) *Cafe,Food and Drink

kyoto coffee
They do Siphon coffee and it taste good. They are popular cafe for local people in the town. Especially their curry and rice. Coffee after curry is favorite style in Japanese so please try.

Info & Map: Facebook:

・Inoda Coffee (イノダコーヒ 三条支店) *Cafe,Food and Drink

kyoto coffee
kyoto coffee
It’s one of the branch of famous chain cafe in Kyoto. Especially this place has atmosphere as this is Kyoto classic. The staff and customer are gentleman and feel history in each of them.

Info & Map:


・% Arabica Kyoto Higashiyama (アラビカ 京都 東山) *Coffee shop,Beans

kyoto coffee
They are most popular coffee shop now here in Kyoto. Everything is high quality. The espresso machine is called slayer and it’s hard to find in Japan. Good for the people from all over the world.

Info & Map:

・Weekenders Coffee (ウイークエンダーズコーヒー 富小路) *Coffee shop,Beans

kyoto coffee
kyoto coffee
Here is their 2nd shop and it’s small beautiful Japanese tea house. Feel more Japanese aesthetic and their own style from their individual character. They roasted many kind of beans and those are so tasty and enjoyable.

Info & Map: Website:

・Wanderers Stand (Wanderers Stand) *Coffee shop,Snack

kyoto coffee
kyoto coffee
They opened recently and they have been popular. They bake simple square bread there. And they serve toasted bread with some toppings. Toasted bread and good coffee make your day.

Info & Map: Facebook:

・E-fish (エフィッシュ) *Cafe,Food and Drink

kyoto coffee
One of the most relaxing place as they located close by Kamo river. The view from the windows and their healthy and seasonable foods and drinks provide you good time. Good for vegetarian too.

Info & Map: Website:

・Ital Gabon (アイタルガボン) *Cafe,Food and Drink

kyoto coffee
Their espresso is so great somehow.And their panini is also so tasty. It’s like hidden place on small street. Maybe good for rainy day. For reading book or enojoy chatting with friend. Their pasta is also tasty.

Info & Map:

・Kiln (kiln) *Coffee shop,Restaurant

kyoto coffee
Located in down town area. Coffee and snacks are good. Sit close by small river and take rest for next discovering city. They have restaurant upstairs and it’s also popular.

Info & Map:

These place are where we had been to and we liked.
Hope you will get some nice coffee in these place.

There are so much more classic and new coffee shops in Kyoto and it’s inventing everyday.
I let it leave for next time.

Have a nice coffee and trip in Kyoto everyone.

Gojo staff

March 16, 2017

Beauty of the winter and waiting for spring

Hello Everyone: )

How are you doing?
This is Keita.

We had several times of snow in this year, and it is slowly getting warmer now in Kyoto.
Kamo river in winter

Kamoriver with snow

We did a few activities for fun during winter time and I would love to share those things with you.


We made a Gojo Guest House original map about “Our Good Neighborhood”.

Our new map named "Our Good Neighborhood" designed by SKKY

Our new map named “Our Good Neighborhood” designed by SKKY

It is all about our recommendations for shops and restaurants around the guest house. I think you know we are good for recommendations, right?

There are good coffee stands, cafe, Izakaya, restaurants, public baths, shops, and even some tips to enjoy the area with explanation in English and Japanese on the map. We hope you’ll grab the local guide map and explore the alternative Gojo area.

You can get the map at receptions of Gojo Guest House and Gojo Guesthouse ANNEX. (After reading it, we are so happy if you’ll give the map to your friend who plans to visit Kyoto )






At Gojo Guesthouse ANNEX, we have a new garden!


Japanese style garden at ANNEX

We went to forest to pick the moss on February with my friend Mr. Kobayashi who is a gardener. The garden is his first work after independent form his master. We love the garden and the moss which is so soft. Hope you’ll like it too!



Looking forward to having its leaves on spring

In spring it has fresh leaves, in summer with green leaves, and it turns red in autumn

I’m looking forward to having spring and seeing you here!!

Have a good day and good trip: )

February 21, 2017

Introduce myself.

Hi everyone,
How ya goin’?
How was your day?

miyani blog
I’m Takuma from Osaka, just call me Taku.
I am a new staff having worked in Gojo guesthouse since July last year.
I’ve just found a new house in Kyoto and recently I often go out in Kyoto.
So I would like to tell you my recommendations.


One is a bottle shop called Matsukawa sake ten
I like the old atmosphere and people and style of drinking in the bottle shop.

you drink with standing and need to find a tray and glass and take foods and drinks you want from a fridge

and put them on your tray and meet and talk with local people.

when you wanna check the bill, call the old lady and she will calculate for you with an old soroban(abacus)



Second one is a Betayaki restaurant called Masa.

Betayaki is one of traditional foods in Kyoto. Okonomiyaki and Hiroshimayaki is originally come from Betayaki. The restaurant is small and cosy and quite old.A guy run the restaurant. He has strong passion for Betayaki.
He wants you to eat betayaki in a traditional way and want you to know it.
So I eat betayaki with a kote(spatula) not chopstick.


Third one is just chilling out by the river called Kamogawa in the central.
For me, drinking and taking a nap by the river (or walking, cycling) are nice things to do.
If you go north along the river, you will see many nature scenery.
One day, I went to cycle to the north of the river with my friends, and was swimming

in the river and then we saw a huge natural monster called Oosansyouuo

(giannt salamander)which is one of Japanese natural monument.


Forth one is going to small towns and villages in low season.
I went to a peaceful village called Ohara in Kyoto .
I found a silent water fall and beautiful wooden temple with no paint.
And I took a nap next to a field around greens with nice view.
I had just chill time and peaceful time.
It is imortant to me.

Thank you for reading my first writing the blog.
When you see a staff who has Australian accent in Gojo, It’s me haha
Just come and see me.
See you later mate!!