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May 03, 2017

International Photography Festival in Kyoto


2017.4.15 Sat – 5.14 Sun

It’s a International Photography Festival in Kyoto.

Now the 5th edition “LOVE” is holding in several places in this city.

Here is the epic.

“Those feelings and concepts we call LOVE vary according to our background, including our religion, our view of history, where we come from, and our living environment. Such differences, however, can at times cause indifference, or turn love to hate, giving rise to serious problems that plague modern society, such as violence toward the vulnerable. This may be why humans know love to be so precious, and why we instinctively seek it in many forms.

“To LOVE” essentially means recognizing the existence of and connecting with things outside ourselves. Through LOVE we connect with other people, with society, with nature, with art, and with ourselves. With LOVE the world can become a more peaceful place.
It is our continuing dream, in making this festival a reality, to share “LOVE” through photography.”

I thought it’s difficult to show love visually by photography.

Because usually we tell that with a story like movie or novel.

How can we express it just in a piece of photography.

But I agree that love means recognizing the existence with other people, with society, with nature, with art, and with ourselves.

Those buildings exhibitions holding are also beautiful places.

They use some special, historical, traditional buildings which we can not go inside usually.

It’s also nice to see how they put photography in each places.

Especially this one at Ryosokuin in Kenninji temple.

This place has amazingly beautiful garden like fantasy inside.

And this Japanese artist “Nobuyoshi Araki”.

His title is “A Desktop Love”.
There are just flowers and puppets on the desk in the photo.

It sounds very simple but those objects made us feel something like love somehow clearly or strongly.

Haha but of course we can put another title on it.
We can take it in by any kind of way whatever freely so it’s interesting to see art things.

I would like to recommend this nice event until 14th of May.

You can come back next year if you will miss it haha.

We also sell the ticket at the reception in Gojo guesthouse.

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice trip.

Gojo staff



January 28, 2017

Toka Ebisu Festival

The first major festival of the new year, Toka Ebisu, was held at Kyoto Ebisu Shrine over a five-day period from January 8th to the 12th.

The enshrined god, Ebisu, is one of the Seven Lucky gods and considered the god of fishermen and commerce, so the festival is based around Ebisu’s birthday on the 10th, hence the name Toka(“Tenth Day”) Ebisu.

All of our staff and a couple of guests went to this festival together.
Along the street, there were so many tempting food stalls!!!!
But we went to say hi to Ebisu god first.

15895138_1281487571890421_693459458777416672_nIn front of a small altar a shrine maiden performs sacred kagura dances to bless branches of leafy green bamboo(hukuzasa) for parishioners to receive and other maidens were quitebusy helping people select which lucky symboles they want to attach to the stalk.

We bought 2 green bamboos with some lucky symboles one for Main guest house and another for Annex.
After that, we drunk a round of hot sake at an outdoor stand which made us super warm and feel happy 🙂


There were so many local people in this festival and it was lively!
I felt how important this festival is to start new year.
So I’m sure it will be great year like every year!