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December 05, 2017

Best places for Autumn foliage in Kyoto-Sakyoku

Sorry for the delay!I think winter is arriving soon,which means all the colorful leaves are falling soon.

Today we are going to introduce about  our private secret spots in Sakyoku Area and Higashiyama Anrea. These two areas are located in the east part of Kyoto. In our last blog, we introduced Higashiyama Area, which is the the Southen East of Kyoto. And SakyoKu is the northen east part of Kyoto.

Walk 5 mins from Gojo guest house to take Keihan train from Kiyomizu-Gojo Station up north and then you can easily access to Heizan train,which is the most convenient and fast way to reach this area.

Or take bus #5 on Kawaramachi street up north, in about 30 mins ,you will find yourself heading to residential area , and ginkgo trees turning yellow along the road.  This area is full of young students and schools. It is a very quite neighborhood.

Along Shirakawa street up north, there are a few temples that we would like to recommend to you.


Nanzenji temple:

Nanzenji temple is near the beginning of path of philosophy. It was found in 1291. The garden in Hojo is the represent of Japanese rock garden, also called karesansui(Zen garden) in early Edo period. You will see a huge gate,called Sanmon in Japanese, when you enter Nanzenji temple. It was built in 1628, and now it is listed as  important  cultural property. I recommend to clam up to the gate and have a view of Kyoto city. Another view point is the photos below, TenjuAn. In side TenjuAn, there is a zen garden and also a Chisen- kaiyushiki-teien(a stroke-style garden around a big pond) You can see a different garden style from stone garden. I can spend the whole day here. It is very nice to watch the sun light reflection in the lake, especially if you arrive in the afternoon.

nanzenji temple,kyoto

This is the studio of TenjuuAn

nanzenji temple, kyoto

The wall way to the first garden

nanzenji tehmple,kyoto

The studio view from the pound

nanzenji tempe ,kyotoThis is the studio of TenjuuAn



Eikando right next to Nanzenji temple, another popular spot to visit during autumn. It is the head temple of Jyodo shu. The small tip, is Eikando will also put on illumination in the evening. And the admission fee is¥400 cheaper in the evening. (I visited in the evening, and my poor camera could not show how beautiful it is. So maybe you can google it??!!


Enkoji temple:

This is the temple built by the famous general Tokugawa Ieyasu. If you plan to visit this temple, I recommend you check their homepage/facebook account frequently during October, and reserve early entry ( 7:30am~9am),limited entry up to 70 people, usually during mid November for about 7 days. It is really nice to wake up early and visit the garden quietly.

enkouji temple autumn kyoto,photo by gojo guest house

Ten Ox garden (direct translate from Japanese,forgive my poor English) Enkouji temple ,Kyoto


Syugakuin imperial villa:

This garden belong to imperial family,so you need to apply before visit. You can apply in the office inside imperial palace one day before your visit, or they also accept same day application. You can arrive at 11am, and sign up for the tour in the afternoon. (Click here for the guideline) The reason why I also recommend this place is because this is also limited numbers of visitors. After you sign up, you can walk around the neighborhood or visit the places that I recommend below!


Sekizanzen-in temple:

This place is also another option to be away from the crowds. This temple is located in the north-east of Kyoto. In Japan, people believe the direction of north-east is called Kimon(demon’s gate) So the important purpose of this temple is to protect Kyoto and  ward off evil spirits. Inside this temple,you can enjoy autumn foliage together with winter cherry blossom!!

winter cherry blossom in sekizanzenin

winter cherry blossom in sekizanzenin

 sekizanzenin,kyoto ,photo shot by Gojo Guest House

enter sekizanzenin I found no one here


Rengeji temple:

This temple is recommend by Kaji. He found this wonderful secret place very close to winter sekizanzenin. The garden of this temple is also famous. Check out these colorful photo shot by kaji via film camera!

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji

Rengenji temple, photod via film camera,kaji


Ruri-kouin temple:

This is another wonderful place only open few weeks in spring and autumn to public. The only problem is the admission is 2000yen.

Reflection of the table inside Rurikoin

Reflection of the table inside Rurikoin

Walk into Rurikoin, photo shot by gojo guest house annex

Walk in to Rurikoin

Reflection of the table inside Rurikoin, photo shot by gojo guest house annex

Reflection of the table inside Rurikoin



Thank you for taking time reading! I hope you can enjoy a different colorful Kyoto!

See you next time.


Gojo Guest House Annex

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October 28, 2017

Autumn foliage in Kyoto-Higashiyama/Arashiyama Area


Every year during Autumn, Kyoto will be full of people.

How to avoid this situation and really enjoy Kyoto?!

tofukuji temple

There are many famous spot for these beautiful autumn scenery, but where can I go to avoid the crowds? This questions often bother travelers when they visit Kyoto and tried to look for a quiet spot to rest the feet.

Here we will introduce the spots that we like in Higashiyama Area (where Gojo is located) and also Arashiyama Area. 

NEAR Gojo Guest House/Annex

    Because it is near locate on the hill near Kyoto Station(of course also near Gojo Guest House),the leaves will turn red in early November. With a short hiking, you can enjoy the clam atmosphere in the temple. Especially, UnryuIn temple inside Sennyuji area would be open during the day and also put on illumination during the night. This area is very quite , and can be our first choice for autumn visit. 

   Koudaiji temple and Entokuin temple is about 15mins from Gojo Guest House and 10mins from Gojo Guest House Annex. We recommended to buy the set tickets includes these two temple and Sho museum.

There are illumination from 10/21 to 12/10. It would be a good choice to visit during the evening. 

   Shorenin temple which is about 20mins walk from Gojo Guest House Annex is the temple once owned by imperial family. So you will find similar architecture and quiet atmosphere inside this temple.

    Kenninji temple is right next to Gojo Guest House Annex. Though it is located inside Gion area, it is a very quite Zen temple and with beautiful Rock garden and Japanese garden. This place is also recommended to visit when the weather is not good in Kyoto. There are also free meditation course held on every second Sunday at 8am.(It is better to arrive at least 10min earlier so that you will have a seat.)

kenninji temple, autumn, kyoto

NEAR Arashiyama

Point: From Gojo Guest House or Gojo Annex,you can use take Keihan train to Tofukuji station (160yen)

and then transfer to JR train though Kyoto station to Saga-arashiyama Station (with your JR PASS for free)

    The garden inside Temryuji temple is very well collaborate with the mountain scenery behind Hozu river. Although there will be many other visitors, I still would like to recommend to you. 

tenryuji temple ,autumn , kyoto,gojoguesthouse

This temple is also in Arashiyama area, but need to talk about 15mins from the main area. There is a big lake next to the temple. And relatively quiet compare to the bamboo groove.

  • Arashiyama Park

    When we speak about Arashiyama, many people will think about visit Bamboo forest. But there are often too popular and crowded. If you detour a little bit from the main area, Arashiyama Park can be a good choice to view the Hozu river.

arashiyama park ,autumn,kyoto,gojoguesthouse

We also recommend you to take the Torokko train from Arashiyama station to Kameoka station. Along the way, you can enjoy the view of the cliffs. When you arrive Kameoka station, you can then transfer to JR Kameoka station. Or you can then take 1.5 hours boat-ride following the stream and enjoy the scenery along the river. It is a quite smooth river, and along the way, they will tell you the historical story about this area. When the weather is beautiful, the whole ride is very comfortable.

(When you are buying train tickets, it is recommended to reserve the taxi to arrive to the  harbor from Kameoka station. )


We hope this information can help you a bit when you are planning your trip.

Next, we will introduce other nice spot for autumn leaves in Sakyo area and outside Kyoto City.


Gojo Staff



May 24, 2017

Most Beautiful Small Museum in Kyoto

This is totally my personal point of view!

Haha but it’s good to put this “most~” “best~” title to fish.. sorry.
There will be other titles about most beautiful blablabla as series maybe.. ?

To be honest, I feel it’s also fun to discover our own best things by ourselves.
But it’s also nice to get some recommendations from someone who knows your taste or friend or friend of your friend.
Especially when we are traveling abroad far away from home.

However, I try to do my best to introduce this place.
I would love to recommend here if you have interest about Japanese life, craft, interior, building.

Museum Kyoto Japan

Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto JapanIt’s Kawai Kanjiro Memorial Museum in Kyoto city. (not Kawaii..)

Kawai Kanjiro was pottery artist originally but he also did sculpture, calligraphy, poetry and furniture, interior, product design.

I can say he was very talented craft man as designer and artist at that period.
I feel like there is a distance in between craft and design and art but he was interactional each of those.

I think he is best Japanese potter ever.

It’s impressive how he could keep creating with joy and challenging.
It looks like he had never gotten bored with it.

He and his family worked and lived in this house and studio everyday.
He created tons of potteries in this place.
And this house supported his massive creation as space.
He also designed this place.

It’s used as his memorial museum after his passed away(in 1966, he was 76 years old).
At there, you can see his works and many crafts he collected, interior furniture, garden, huge kiln, books.

Especially those chairs, he collected many chairs from Africa, South America maybe Europe, in Japan as well.
I remember that I met one Spanish family at the museum and they were so excited.
They said there is a chair made by their grand father but they couldn’t tell that in Japanese to the staff.

I translated their exciting random Spanish and English by Japanese and told that to staff there.
The staff brought a old book and show the family then there was a photo of their grand father in the book..
They looked so happy like explosion!

Sometimes I think stuff is just stuff but it has more value or can be important when it has a story or memory.
Especially there are so much story in crafts and it’s interesting to discover the background.
I feel that was more pure and honest at that period when Kanjiro was living.(It’s not like branding business.. haha)

Everything is beautiful with gently atmosphere in traditional Japanese style building like great harmony.
We still can feel his daily living life from this place.

There are some books about him selling at the reception.
I really like the title of the book from his word.

It’s “We do not work alone”.

I bought it for myself but I gave it to someone and bought new one for myself but gave it again to someone and bought it again then maybe I will give it to someone again one day haha..

Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan Museum Kyoto Japan

I feel like I can describe forever about here.. maybe not here, about this great lovely person Kawai Kanjiro but I stop here.

Anyway, please come visit there and touch the feeling of him.
Then I would love to hear how you felt.

I like to know how we see the things in each different point of view.


[English information by]

[Official Japanese website]

I almost forgot to say but it’s about 10 min. walk from our main building!

Thanks for reading.

Have a beautiful day~

Gojo staff

April 28, 2017

One of The Finest Example of Japanese Architecture

Katsura Imperial Villa and Garden are completed in 1645 for the members of Japan’s imperial family.

This place has been giving inspirations of universal and timeless Japanese traditional/modern aesthetics to many architect in the world.

Why I said traditional/modern, because it always looks fresh and modern and beautiful even if it’s built few hundreds years ago.

I think it’s very special, we still can surprise with those old things across several generations.

Every single part of the design of them have reason and meaning.

Please visit there and have a look if you would like to know. It’s very interesting.

Architecture Kyoto Japan

Architecture Kyoto JapanArchitecture Kyoto JapanVisiting here requires joining a free guide walking tour.

It’s 1 hour in Japanese. They also prepare audio guides for several foreign languages.

The landscape of garden is also magnificent.

It’s like unexplored beautiful small village.

Architecture Kyoto JapanArchitecture Kyoto JapanArchitecture Kyoto JapanThe Good NEWS are they started to take application on the day!

Actually this is great!

Because before that, we need to apply at least before the day of visiting with our passport at the Imperial Household Agency’s office in Kyoto Imperial Park.

(However Katsura Imperial Villa is not located in Imperial Park.)

But it’s for small numbers so it often get booked out.

Usually we try to be the office around their opening time from 8:45 a.m. to get the reservation…but it’s not so crazy busy so please take it easy and take your time for enjoying your morning in Kyoto haha…one day we will post some recommendations for breakfast in Kyoto.

(Tours are held 6 times per day except on Monday)

I also recommend this way if you have time in advance.


From around 11 a.m. they will distribute a numbered ticket at the reception in front of “Katsura Imperial Villa”.

Katsura Imperial Villa is located in west part of Kyoto city.

(Please take your Passport, it’s important.)

We can apply for ①13: 30 ②14: 30 ③15: 30 those 3 time on the day.
It’s only for 20 people per time.

The official website says that the reception will be closed as soon as it is full.

But from my experience, you may be available to get the ticket for one of the time even if you go there around 13:00.

If you have to wait for a while until starting time, I recommend to visit the famous rice cake shop/cafe close by the bridge around there.

I met a random Japanese elderly woman around my grandmother’s age when I was in the cafe.

She was also waiting for the tour and we chatted.

I heard a lot of good story from her life and she looked still enjoying her life so much.

I thought I will not meet her again so I didn’t mention I’m working at Gojo guesthouse.

After few months, I got a call for making a reservation from new customer.

Then this person had exactly same voice and tone as the elderly woman who I met at the cafe.

I asked her that had she ever been to Katsura Imperial Villa in last few months.

She seemed wondered and said yes…

It’s nice to try if you are spontaneous person who likes traveling like freely haha.


The closest train station is Katsura station on Hankyu Kyoto Line.

Katsura Imperial Villa is 15 min. walk from the Katsura station.

You can take train from Kawaramachi station which is located in Shijo Kwaramachi downtown area.


[Official English information by Imperial Household Agency]

[English information by]
(Their website is necessary for traveling in Japan.)

Gojo staff

March 28, 2017

Where to go in Kyoto during cherry blossom in 2017(Sakura)?

Are you ready for going out on a picnic under cherry blossom?

Well, I am ready, but…..the cherry trees in Kyoto are not yet……

This year, according to the weather report, the first bloom will be on 1st of April, and then full bloom will be around one week later.

So during 4/1~4/15 should be the best time for Sakura hunting in Kyoto.


Someyoshino sakura in Kyoto


Amount more then 400 shrines and 1500 temples in Kyoto, you can easily find a nicely bloom cherry inside the Japanese Garden.

And there are mountains of mountains of nice photos that you can find on the internet.

So I decided to give you some keywords for nice free spots to search , and some tips


-Within walk distance from Gojo Guest house/ Annex

  1. takasegawa sakuraKamo river side between Gojo and Shijo streets (THE BEST place for picnic)
  2. Maruyama Park (a huge cherry tree and a cherry forest that you can picnic under the trees/there are lights-up/food stands, so you can go even in the night, but sometimes too busy….I usually go there around 11pm)
  3. Takasegawa river (a nice walk to downtown under 4KM long cherry blossom, isn’t is nice?!)





-Bus/Train ride within 30mins from Gojo Guest house/ Annex
  1. Yawata -Sewaritei ,Yodo river side (only 28mins train ride you can arrive to this amazing place. My other GOOD selection for going out for picnic under cherry blossom. And it is interesting to observe how Japanese family/friends enjoy their wonderful afternoon here)
  2. Nanzenji temple/Keage area (even though there are beautiful sen garden in the temple, but just walkin the area, there are many cherry trees outside that is for free. over here, there are alliteratively less people)
  3. Heian Shrine/Garden (I love the color combination in Heian shrine: white sand/red pillars /green roof/and pink cherry blossom!!!
  4. Path of Philosophy (among the river, there are full of cherry trees……walk along the tiny river, and think about eggs comes first or chicken?!)
  5. Kyoto Imperial palace Park (Tips for Imperial palace park, bring your sandwiches and a small bottle of sake……and just ENJOY)
  6. Kamo river near by Demachiyanagi station (this is where Takanogawa river and Kamogawa river join together, wide river bank to go for picnic)


(here is how Yawata -Sewaritei looks)


-Bus/Train ride more then  30mins from Gojo Guest house/ Annex
  1. Hirano jinjya Shrine(there are many different type of cherry that you can learn more about. (I saw one type with Green petal)
  2. Ryuanji temple ( the famous stone Garden with a weeping cherry from outside of the wall, very Zen!!!)
  3. Ninanji temple(The sakura is called Omurazakura,御室桜, if you arrive Kyoto around mid April,then you can come here to enjoy cherry blossom)
  4. Daikakuji (this temple is in Arashiyama area. If you are nearby and would like to avoid the crows, then here is a good choice!)

More photos

ninnaji temple-pagoda
(Ninnaji temple)

ninnaji temple-maiko(I met one Maiko at Ninnanji temple

(Picnic at Yawata -Sewaritei with Gojo staffs)





(Here is Kam river bank)




(This is Akashitarezakura cherry)









(The temple at Yawata)

Here are all the blablabla……about cherry blossom in Kyoto……can’t wait for another week~~

Sakura forecast link
Gojo staff

March 23, 2017

A Day Trip For Cherry Blossoms

Getting close to the cherry blossoms season in Spring!
But it’s still cold like Winter here in Kyoto!
Spring is always come and leave unnoticed…

Cherry blossoms blooming is one of the highlights in our life of a year for Japanese people.
We always try to enjoy them as much as we can in the short blooming season.
I prefer watch them from bit far distance and also when it’s leaving.
Let’s talk about how you would like to watch them when you are here haha.

There are so many places to enjoy watching them especially in Kyoto city.
However I’m kind of picky so I would like to recommend this place for a day trip from Kyoto.
Haha, please take it easy. It’s not so weired… I still remember one of our guest asked me for recommendation he would like to do most weired thing in Kyoto but he already had a huge staffed bird sculpture on his left shoulder and he already had been to birds cafe with it in Kyoto.
Finally I couldn’t give any better weired recommendation in Kyoto to satisfy him… Sometimes I thought about him… You can find his photo in the gallery page on our website:-)

Anyway! About cherry blossoms place.

The place called Yoshino mountain, Yoshinoyama, 吉野山, in Nara prefecture next of Kyoto prefecture.

cherry blossom japan

Reach the bottom by old creepy cable car

cherry blossom japan

Walking to the main part

cherry blossom japan

Late in the season but still could see this scene

cherry blossom japan

Many restaurants and street foods

cherry blossom japan

Bit touristic price but very nice

cherry blossom japan

And of course very nice view

cherry blossom japan

Love the detail of structure

cherry blossom japan

Lion dog

cherry blossom japan

Lovely pattern of rocks

cherry blossom japan

Not sure this flashy one is also cherry blossom

cherry blossom japan

Lovely hut with thatched roof

cherry blossom japan

Into the pink bushes

Please google “yoshino cherry blossom”, it’s very easy to find their information.

Have a nice trip everyone!


[Direction from Kyoto by train]
Take Kintetsu Line from Kyoto Station to Kashiharajingu Mae Station, then transfer to Yoshino Station
(About 1 hour 40 minutes by express in total)


[Official English information by Mt. Yoshino Tourist Association]

[English information by]
(I love and respect their website! It’s always help our traveling in Japan.)

Gojo staff

March 16, 2017

Beauty of the winter and waiting for spring

Hello Everyone: )

How are you doing?
This is Keita.

We had several times of snow in this year, and it is slowly getting warmer now in Kyoto.
Kamo river in winter

Kamoriver with snow

We did a few activities for fun during winter time and I would love to share those things with you.


We made a Gojo Guest House original map about “Our Good Neighborhood”.

Our new map named "Our Good Neighborhood" designed by SKKY

Our new map named “Our Good Neighborhood” designed by SKKY

It is all about our recommendations for shops and restaurants around the guest house. I think you know we are good for recommendations, right?

There are good coffee stands, cafe, Izakaya, restaurants, public baths, shops, and even some tips to enjoy the area with explanation in English and Japanese on the map. We hope you’ll grab the local guide map and explore the alternative Gojo area.

You can get the map at receptions of Gojo Guest House and Gojo Guesthouse ANNEX. (After reading it, we are so happy if you’ll give the map to your friend who plans to visit Kyoto )






At Gojo Guesthouse ANNEX, we have a new garden!


Japanese style garden at ANNEX

We went to forest to pick the moss on February with my friend Mr. Kobayashi who is a gardener. The garden is his first work after independent form his master. We love the garden and the moss which is so soft. Hope you’ll like it too!



Looking forward to having its leaves on spring

In spring it has fresh leaves, in summer with green leaves, and it turns red in autumn

I’m looking forward to having spring and seeing you here!!

Have a good day and good trip: )

February 21, 2017

Introduce myself.

Hi everyone,
How ya goin’?
How was your day?

miyani blog
I’m Takuma from Osaka, just call me Taku.
I am a new staff having worked in Gojo guesthouse since July last year.
I’ve just found a new house in Kyoto and recently I often go out in Kyoto.
So I would like to tell you my recommendations.


One is a bottle shop called Matsukawa sake ten
I like the old atmosphere and people and style of drinking in the bottle shop.

you drink with standing and need to find a tray and glass and take foods and drinks you want from a fridge

and put them on your tray and meet and talk with local people.

when you wanna check the bill, call the old lady and she will calculate for you with an old soroban(abacus)



Second one is a Betayaki restaurant called Masa.

Betayaki is one of traditional foods in Kyoto. Okonomiyaki and Hiroshimayaki is originally come from Betayaki. The restaurant is small and cosy and quite old.A guy run the restaurant. He has strong passion for Betayaki.
He wants you to eat betayaki in a traditional way and want you to know it.
So I eat betayaki with a kote(spatula) not chopstick.


Third one is just chilling out by the river called Kamogawa in the central.
For me, drinking and taking a nap by the river (or walking, cycling) are nice things to do.
If you go north along the river, you will see many nature scenery.
One day, I went to cycle to the north of the river with my friends, and was swimming

in the river and then we saw a huge natural monster called Oosansyouuo

(giannt salamander)which is one of Japanese natural monument.


Forth one is going to small towns and villages in low season.
I went to a peaceful village called Ohara in Kyoto .
I found a silent water fall and beautiful wooden temple with no paint.
And I took a nap next to a field around greens with nice view.
I had just chill time and peaceful time.
It is imortant to me.

Thank you for reading my first writing the blog.
When you see a staff who has Australian accent in Gojo, It’s me haha
Just come and see me.
See you later mate!!



November 27, 2016

Limited edition, autumn in kyoto


Between zen and visual impact

I was so exciting at the moment when I got on the train.

It was a raining day, but I was so happy it rained,which means there would be less people and I would be able to sit in the temple quietly and enjoy the peacefulness.

The goal is to visit Rurikoin, a temple that only open short term to public in spring and autumn.

Along Takano(gawa) River bank, running water competing with the colorful leaves, great Hiezan mountain in the background, RurikoIn is located in Yase area, a good picnic spot in summer time as well.

When we were at the entrance of RurikoIn temple, we first walked through stone stairs, then across a bridge, I stopped here because of the Koi  fish. They were swimming in the pound like there is nothing else in the world could bother him. Then I took off the shoes, and enter the building of RurikoIn. The astonishing view caught my breathe the moment I walked up to second floor.


The shining wooden floor is reflecting the great view outside of the window. It is like extending scenery. The artwork is completed. It is too much for me. Time stopped here.


I don’t remember how long I had been sitting here. I could hear only wind and rain drops. I felt peacefulness when I was writing a Buddhist scriptures. We were requested to write our wishes at the end, and then this script will be devoted to Buddha. I didn’t write anything down because I fell happiness and grateful already. There is nothing else to ask for.I walked down stair to see the garden more closely.Here the temple provide warm Japanese tea. You can sit down and relax.

I am not sure if you can see it from the first photo. There is a giant stone in the center of the garden. Ruri , the name of this temple origin from this glass shinning stone. When it rains, this stone shines brightly. Therefore, this temple is called RurikoIn, the shrining glass stone.
When I sat here, I heard the monk chanting, a melody of Zen. The combination of sand garden and moss. It’s been the best raining day.

Wish you can see this beautiful view and find the peacefulness in Kyoto.



How to go to RurikoIn

From Gojo Guest house, walk 3 mins to Keihan train Kiomizugojo station, take 10min train to Demachi-yanagi Station; and then get on Eizan Electric Railway(for Yase-Hieizanguchi) to Yase-Hieizanguchi Station. It takes 5 minutes on foot from the station.

February 22, 2014

Trip to Hiroshima

I’m sure all of you is now enjoying your summer vacation!!
yep. I meant in Australia.
Ohhhh, how I wish to go there!
or New Zealand
or the Philippines
or Okinawa. just anywhere warm.

Although no one is having there summer vacation in Japan yet, we, Gojo staffs had a short vacation and made a little visit to Hiroshima!!
I am sure many of you who have traveled in Japan have been to Hiroshima. Miyajima.
Where they have the ever -so-cute deers.

 Oh! There she is!
Yes, she is waiting for you to come visit her in Miyajima right after you come visit us in Gojo.
And yes, of course we went to the Itsukushima Shrine, famous for its FLOATING torii gate.
I bet some of you have no clue what I’m talking about, so you should definitely come visit Hiroshima to find out on your own!!!!!
…..or you can just look at this picture.
The torii gate looks like it’s floating when at high tide, but at low tide you can reach the torii by foot.
Hmmm I must say, this is a very nice photo!!
Although 3people have their eyes closed… and we are missing one guy….
 Lunch time!!!!
We had OKONOMIYAKI お好み焼.
Okonomiyaki is originally from Hiroshima. That’s what I heard from Hiroshima people.
But Osaka people say it’s from Osaka.
As for me, I really don’t care, because wherever it’s from it tastes good so you should try when you come to Japan.
And of course the A-bomb Dome.
And the Peace Memorial Park.
What a wonderful weather it was.
Some people say,
 “What’s the point of looking back at the past? It’s not like you can change it.”
But let me tell you the quote I like from Albert Einstein (did you know that he was not only a physicist but a violinist also??)
” The future is unknown, but somewhat predictable unknown.
To look to the future we must first look back upon the past.
That is where the seeds of the future were planted.”
So many things can be learned and realized from the past.
But just remember, “looking back” and “dwelling” on the past is NOT the same!