Budget price for Backpackers.

Kyoto Sightseeing | 京都観光

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Everything about modern and traditional Japan with emphasis on travel and living related information.

Kyoto Visitor’s Guide
Monthly update guide to life in Kyoto, sightseeing, restaurants, accommodation,
tourism, schools, and archived articles.

deep kyoto | good places – good people
Deep Kyoto was created in June 2007 as a website for Kyoto residents and tourists,
introducing those good places and people that make up the modern city.
– See more at: http://www.deepkyoto.com/about-deep-kyoto/#sthash.Gw1MtvrD.dpuf

Kyoto inspiration guide
one day with locals

BEACON KYOTO 見たことない旅が見つかる。見たことない旅をさがそう。

Accommodation in Japan | 日本でのご宿泊

Kansai | Kanto | Chubu | Tohoku | Hokkaido | Kyushu | Okinawa

Kansai | 関西

Kyoto | 京都

J-Hoppers Kyoto ジェイホッパーズ京都
Hostel in Kyoto, for budget backpackers. Budget accommodation and guesthouse in Kyoto.

Kyoto Hana Hostel 京都花宿
Budget hotel in Kyoto, Budget Ryokan in Kyoto, Backpackers Hostel in Kyoto

Flatshare Kyoto House Share Monthly guest house and furnished rental apartment in Kyoto.

khaosan Tokyo Guest House カオサン京都
Welcome to Khaosan Tokyo, the No.1 hostel group in Japan!!

moonlight guest house 月光荘

Kyoto hostel Kanouya 西陣叶屋
京都の安宿ドミトリー。西陣の町家。1泊2500円~の素泊まり。町家に住む京都体験。 京都 素泊まり 町家 安宿ドミトリー.

Guest house WARAKU-AN 京都 ゲストハウス 和楽庵
Japanese style cheap hostel in Kyoto, Guest House WARAKU-AN. You can stay for long with cheap price.

Kyoto Guest House RAKUZA ゲストハウス 楽座
Guest house RAKUZA is located in the center of Kyoto, Gion area.

Small World Guesthouse 小世界旅社
京都、紫野の細い路地の中の小さな平家の町家を改修して ゲストハウスにしました。

Len —Hostel, Cafe, Bar, Dining
Len KYOTO — Hostel, Cafe, Bar, Dining near to central

Gion Ryokan Q-beh 祇園旅館 休兵衛
Over 80% of our guests come from abroad. There are always various languages spoken in Q-beh.

Happy Habitat
We ‘Happy Habitat’ rent out furnished rooms for long term stayers in safe and quiet places in Kyoto.

Nara | 奈良

Yuzan Guesthouse 遊山ゲストハウス奈良
Budget accommodation / Cheap hostel in Nara, Japan.JR

Yuzan Guesthouse Annex 遊山ゲストハウス別館
Yuzan Guethouse annex is cheap hostel / backpackers.

Guest House MAKURA is located in the middle of NARA!!!

Nara Takama Guest House 奈良たかまゲストハウス
Cheap rate, clean, homey, convenient for sightseeing. Nara Takama Guesthouse.

Osaka | 大阪

Guesthouse U-En ゲストハウス由苑
Introducing unique accommodation in Osaka:
Guesthouse “U-En” is a renovated Japanese-style building close to Osaka (Umeda) station.


Carpe Diem カルペディエム

HOSTEL 64 Osaka
Budget design hotel in Osaka. Easy access to all Kansai area (Kyoto, Nara, KIX).

Hana Hostel 大阪花宿
We try to be a fresh and cheery hostel(guesthouse) like a lotus flower floating in the pond.

C’s(Si:s) share
シェアハウス、ゲストハウスを大阪、神戸でお探しなら女性専用C’s(Si:s) shareへ。


Shiga | 滋賀

guesthouse muga 彦根ゲストハウス無我
Welcome to GuestHouse Muga. Hikone is famous for HikoneCastel ,which was built in 1622.

Mie | 三重


Hyogo | 兵庫

Himeji 588 Guesthouse ガハハゲストハウス
姫路駅から徒歩10 分!姫路城まで徒歩3分!姫路のど真ん中アクセス抜群の商店街にあるゲストハウスです。

Chugoku | 中国

Hiroshima | 広島

J-Hoppers Hiroshima ジェイホッパーズ広島
Hostel in Hiroshima, Close to Peace Memorial Park, A-Bomb dome, Miyajima

Hana Hostel 広島花宿

Hostel&CafeBar Backpackers Miyajima ホステル&カフェバー バックパッカーズ宮島

Kanto | 関東

Tokyo | 東京

toco. – Tokyo Heritage Hostel
‘Toco.-Tokyo Heritage Hostel’ is Japanese-style Backpacker’s hostel includes a Bar Lounge.

Nui. aims at the concept ‘Beyond all borders’.

Retrometro Backpackers レトロメトロ バックパッカーズ
Retrometro Backpackers is a very small cute hostel in Tokyo

Cheapest hostel in west side of Tokyo! Located in Nakano which is 4min away from Shinjuku by train.

Tatami Guesthouse タタミゲストハウス
GuestHouse Backpacker Accommodation, Monthly budget.

TenTen Guesthouse
TenTen Guest House in Tokyo. Short and long term cheapest accommodations in Tokyo.


Kanagawa | 神奈川

Kamakura Guesthouse 鎌倉ゲストハウス
Kamakura guesthouse is a beautiful, traditional Japanese house located in the historic samurai town of Kamakura.

YOKOHAMA HOSTEL VILLAGE in the city of Yokohama, Japan provides excellent inexpensive accommodations.

Chiba | 千葉

International Guesthouse AZURE 成田
International Guesthouse AZURE is located in Narita in Chiba, Japan.

Chubu | 中部

Gifu | 岐阜

J-Hoppers Hida Takayama ジェイホッパーズ飛騨高山
Hostel in Takayama, Close to Takayama station, Dormitory Private room are cheap,
budget accommodation for backpackers.

Nagano | 長野

Nagano 1166 backpackers /HOSTEL 1166バックパッカーズ
Welcome to 1166 backpackers! 1166 backpackers has just opened 2010 to make your stay
in Nagano as comfortable as possible.

Masuya Guesthouse Suwa マスヤゲストハウス 信州諏訪
go out masuya guesthouse Suwa,Matsumoto,Nagano,Ueda,Shiojiri
マスヤから出かけよう! マスヤゲストハウスのある長野県諏訪地域は、八ヶ岳と諏訪湖に囲まれたさわやかな土地。

Moritomizu Backpackers森と水バックパッカーズ
English guidance available.

Ishikawa | 石川

Hostel Guesthouse Namaste Kanazawa ゲストハウス ナマステ 金沢
It is located 5 minutes on foot from the kanazawa station’s east exit.

Guest House Pongyi Kanazawa 金沢ゲストハウス Pongyi(ポンギー)
Pongyi is a guesthouse(hostel) aimed for short-stay budget travelers and backpackers.

Tohoku | 東北

Miyagi | 宮城

Guesthouse Umebachi Sendai ゲストハウス梅鉢 仙台

Hokkaido | 北海道

The Otarunai Backpackers’ Hostel MorinoKi おたるないバックパッカーズホステル杜の樹
The Otarunai Backpackers’ Hostel MorinoKi -For Free and Independent Travellers
– Budget Accommodation in Otaru Hokkaido JAPAN.

Time Peace Apartment Sapporo 札幌ゲストハウス タイムピースアパートメント
Remodel an old Japanese house into GuestHouse.Location is nearly convenient to get to the center of Sapporo city.

Backpackers Hostel INO’S PLACE Sapporo イノーズプレイス
We offer reasonable rates and a clean and cozy atmosphere.

Kyushu | 九州

Hukuoka | 福岡

Fukuoka Hana Hostel 福岡花宿
Budget guesthouse in Fukuoka, Budget Ryokan in Fukuoka,
Backpackers Hostel in Fukuoka, Backpackers Guest house in Fukuoka.

Guest House Kaine 博多町屋 ゲストハウス界音
Kyushu-Fukuoka Guest house, cheap accommodation

Tabicolle backpackers 博多 タビコレ バックパッカーズ
All dorm rooms. ENJOY a friendly atmosphere at Tabicolle, only 10 min. from Hakata station.

Oita | 大分

Beppu Guest House 別府ゲストハウス
Beppu Guest House is 3 minutes walking distance from Beppu Station,
Beppu Guest House offers cheap accomodation.

Nagasaki | 長崎

AKARI, Nagasaki International Hostel 長崎インターナショナルホステルあかり
Nagasaki International Hostel AKARI is
a family owned cozy Japanese style backpacker traveler’s hostel in Nagasaki

Kagoshima | 鹿児島

kagoshima green guest house 鹿児島グリーンゲストハウス
Welcome to the Green Guest House ! We are a budget hostel in Kyushu, Kagoshima.

Okinawa | 沖縄

Accommodation in Overseas | 海外でのご宿泊

Asia | Europe | Oceania

Asia | アジア

Korea | 韓国

Hostel Korea
Korea’s 1st & No.1 Hostel Group

Europe | ヨーロッパ

Germany| ドイツ

Hostel Berlin Families Riverside Lodge Family meeting
Locations around the Riverside Lodge (about 5 to 30 minutes in walking distances).

Vermittlung von Privatzimmern, Privatzimmer, Ferienwohnungen, Ferienwohnung,
Zimmern in Berlin Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain.

Oceania | オセアニア

Austria| オーストラリア

The Euro Youth Hotel Krone in Bad Gastein
THE SUMMER CAN COME! The Euro Youth Hotel Krone in Bad Gastein is the perfect place
if you need a few days of variety.