Best direction from Kyoto station, good distance from center of city.

GOJO GUEST HOUSE/五条ゲストハウス(Japanese)
3-396-2 Gojobashi Higashi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 〒605-0846 > GoogleMap

(Japanese Address)
〒605-0846 京都市東山区五条橋東3-396-2(Japanese)

(Reception hours:8:00 – 22:00)
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If looking for location of Gojo guesthouse Annex, please visit their website
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Route A: From City Subway Gojo Sta. (Keihan Railway Kiyomizu Gojo Sta.) to Gojo guesthouse.

Route B: From City Subway Gojo Sta. (Keihan Railway Kiyomizu Gojo Sta.) to Gojo guesthouse.

Route C: From City Bus Stop Gojozaka to Gojo guesthouse.



City Bus From Kyoto Station


Train from Kyoto Station


Train directly from Osaka


Transfer information

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Taxi from Kyto Station

・ It takes 10~15min. by Taxi for 800~1000JPY.
・ Please show the taxi driver our address and  the explanation about our location in Japanese.

Address:五条ゲストハウス/GOJO GUEST HOUSE
〒605-0846 京都市東山区五条橋東3-396-2 Tel:075-525-2299

Explanation: 「大和大路五条の公益社ブライトホールの東に2件隣り、五条通りに面しています」


Walk from Kyoto Station

It takes 30min by walk for 2.5km to the North East.

Neighboring Major Sightseeing Spots

Kiyomizudera Temple  15min. by Walk
Gion 15min. by Walk
Fushimiinari Taisha Shrine 15min. by Train
Silver Pavilion 30min. by Bus
Golden Pavilion 45min. by Bus

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